Awards for Trainers
there are 2 awards available to apply for..

the "Top 5 Enthusiastic Trainers of the month" award
the "Most Unique Layout & Use of the Caught Badges in a Webpage Display" award

given out once a month max

Please note before applying: if you apply and do not follow the guidelines of this site (example multiple submissions per queue) you will automatically be disqualified with no warning of the disqualification, this applies for both awards!



Layout Design

if you think you qualify for either of the awards please click on the corresponding button
P.S. It is possible to win twice in a row for the enthusiastic trainers award, as well as if I don't have 5+ applicants for the Enthusiastic Trainers Award I will judge on the winner based on those who applied as well as the participation I've seen over the past month
    Past Recipients    

PLEASE NOTE: Pocket Bishoujo is not responsible for lost Bishoujo and will not replace them unless they were first caughts. I'm sorry We just do not have the time to do this ~ LSS


credit for concept given to Tokio of Pocket Bishónen
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