These are official Bishoujo training badges. 
Right click on any image you wish to have and choose save as... Link the image back to so that others may come and join the fun too! 

Feel free to design and use other homemade trainer’s badges of any reasonable size. You are responsible for adding the logo to the image (just use the logo above and resize it to fit). 

Please note I'm not going to accept any new badges for a while.
If any badges are mislabeled in any way please contact me

Total Badges Presently Available: 353




  Ah! My Goddess Neon Genesis Evangelion  
  Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (1) DiGi Charat  
  Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (2) Sakura Wars  
  Card Captor Sakura Slayers  
  Digimon Tenchi Muyo  
  El Hazard To Heart  
  Escaflowne Violinist of Hameln  
  Fushigi Yuugi Misc Video Games  
  Grandia Dragon Ball  
  Gundam Wing Misc Anime and other non videogame (1)  
  Kenshin Misc Anime and other non videogame (2)  
  Magic Knights RayEarth Monoke Hime  

PLEASE NOTE: Pocket Bishoujo is not responsible for lost Bishoujo and will not replace them unless they were first caughts. I'm sorry We just do not have the time to do this ~ LSS


credit for concept given to Tokio of Pocket Bishónen
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