Gym Leaders

Please welcome the Gym Leaders you will have to capture 
in order to become a Pocket Bishoujo Master!

Apply for your masters badge once you've completed all 8 gyms > here <

please note: when submitting new bishoujo the characters in the Gyms may 
NOT be submitted if they get submitted the submission will be ignored!


1. Granite Gym
Demona, from Disney's Gargoyles,  was once of the Wyvern Clan. She was Goliath's beloved, and also his first in command. Now she lives in solitude as a human by day and a gargoyle by night. 

2. Garden Gym
Filia Ul Copt from Slayers, a relatively young dragonness priestess, she's searching for champions to save the world after the barrier is removed and Lina, Naga and friends can leave their lands. 

3. Prism Gym
Tira, from Bakaretsu Hunters , is the reserved, thoughtful member of the Sorcerer Hunters. She wears a long "Little Red Riding Hood" type cloak, and huge sunglasses. She's an excellent fighter. 

4. Spark Gym
Shayla-Shayla, Priestess from El Hazard, she loves to fight. She's very powerful and very skilled with her abilities. She also tends to be talkative during fights, yelling threats at the enemy.  

5. Storm Gym
Fuu, from Rayearth,  the smartest in the group and she usually gets everyone going when they don't know what to do. Thought to be the "Voice of Reason" because she has the most reasonable answer ready for whatever situation they cross.

6. Heart Gym
Cherry from Saber 
Marionettes, The second of Otaru's marionettes. She encompasses Motherhood, and her strength lies in her intelligence and Battlefield Scanner for quick calculations. 

7. Ocean Gym
Sayaka, from Battle Skippers, is from a really really rich family who was providing tons of the money for running Saint Ignacio School. So she is very bratty and gets to do what ever she wants to do. And man what she wants to do!

8. Earth Gym
Sakura Shinguuji, of Sakura Taisen , is the newest member of the Hanagumi. And the daughter of Colonel Kazuma Shinguuji


PLEASE NOTE: Pocket Bishoujo is not responsible for lost Bishoujo and will not replace them unless they were first caughts. I'm sorry We just do not have the time to do this ~ LSS

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