Grand-Gym Leaders

Complete the 8 original gyms and then the new gyms. Then you submit to me the 8 code-words for the new gyms and the one codeword that is emailed to you when you are issued a masters badge ^_^ By submitting to me the 8 code-words and the one codeword given to you when you received you master's badge you are elgible to collect the Grand-Master's badge

This isn't to say you can't do these gyms before the original gyms you just won't be issued a grand-masters badge unless you are a recognized master first meaning you have to be in the masters list.

Apply for your grand-masters badge once you've completed all 16 gyms here

please note: when submitting new bishoujo the characters in the Gyms may 
NOT be submitted if they get submitted the submission will be ignored!

1. Angel Gym
ChaCha from "Akazukin ChaCha" is a very cute, little magician girl who is still learning how to use magic from her teacher Seravi.

2. Ladybug Gym
Maze from "Maze" is a pretty and mild-mannered girl who also happens to have the ability to wield special powers.

3. Diamond Gym
Minnie May from "Gunsmith Cats" is an explosive expert who accompanies Rally all the way in her adventures and nightmares.

4. Ghost Gym
Meryl Stryfe from "Trigun" is astraight-laced, by-the-book type who has a habit of hiding her truefeelings. 

5. Metallic Gym
Cutey Honey from "Cutey Honey" is an android created by Professor K. in his effort to create the perfect human. 

6. Hurricane Gym
Aoi from "ToHeart" a spirited girl who objectives are to train to become a powerful fighter.

7. Ice Gym
Yuri from "Dirty Pair- Flash" she's lovely, she's lethal, but most of all she's a Lovely Angel!

8.Dragon Gym
Mink from "DragonHalf" is a young half-girl, half-kaiser dragon, that is out in search of adventure, and a potion that will turn her permanently human.


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