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Gym Leaders

Please welcome the Gym Leaders you will have to capture 
in order to become a Pocket Bishoujo Mega Grand Master!

Apply for your masters badge once you've completed all 8 gyms here

please note: when submitting new bishoujo the characters in the Gyms may 
NOT be submitted if they get submitted the submission will be ignored!

1. Halfmoon Gym

Karin Aoi, from DNA˛, a DNA operator of the future. Currently, the future has an over-population problem, and she needs to go back 100 years in time to stop the cause of this problem.


2. Twilight Gym

Mayumi Kino, from Blue Submarine No. 6, is an elite pilot of a Diving boat Grampus which is carried by Blue submarine 6.

3. Reflective Gym

Himeko Nonohara, from Hime-chan no Ribbon, a very genki and lively tomboy just entering the complicated adolescent stage of her life who is then asked to help with an experiment for the Magic World, which adds more difficulties.


4. Victory Gym

Noriko Takaya, from Gunbuster, is a girl in her late teens. She went on to attend the Okinawa High School for Girls where she received training in space robot combat.

5. Sunny Gym

Asano Rin, from Blade of the Immortal,  the daughter of Asano Kurose, and sole heir to her Fathers Myutenichi dojo. Rin witnessed her parent's death at the hands of Anotsu Kageshisa and his minions.


6. Mystery Gym

Sheeta, from Laputa, Castle in the Sky, the heroine of this emotional story. When she was very young, her parents died, leaving her in the care of her Grandmother.

7. Jeweled Gym

Ruuan, from Mamotte Shugogetten, is the second spirit that Tasuke comes across, she is a spirit from the sun. She came out of the rod "Kokutentou" and she has the ability to bring objects alive. She also is Tasuke's spirit and her job is to make him happy.


8. Golden E Gym

Sofia, of  Battle Arena Toshinden, is a former Russian secret agent (or private detective??) who was kidnapped by the organization, and used in an experiment.


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