Supreme-Grand-Masters Gym Leaders

Complete the previous 24 gyms. Then you submit to me the 8 code-words for the new gyms and the three code words that have been emailed to you. By submitting to me the 8 code-words and the 3 master's code words given to you , you are eligible to collect the Supreme-Grand-Master's badge

This isn't to say you can't do these gyms before the previous gyms you just won't be issued a Supreme-grand-masters badge unless you are a recognized Mega-Grand-Master first meaning you have to be in the mega-grand-masters list.

Apply for your Supreme-grand-masters badge once you've completed all 32 gyms > here <

please note: when submitting new bishoujo the characters in the Gyms may 
NOT be submitted if they get submitted the submission will be ignored!


1. Shady Gym

Jessie Gurtland of Battle Athletes, was a schoolmate of Akari's who also got chosen to go to the University Satellite.


2.  Cuddly Gym

Suzuhara Misaki of Angelic Layer, is the main character of the series, she comes to live with in Tokyo, there she sees her first Angelic Layer Battle, and decides to create her own angel.

3. Butterflip Gym

Milly Nocturne of Lost Universe was born in Tola, Luzolte, and is highly skilled with a gun. She like chocolate and Beach fishing.


4.  Moonlit Gym

Rio Nanakase of Burn up W, is a strong spirited person who viciously defends her friends when they are in trouble. But when not in a life or death situation, she's like a totally different person.

5. Starz Gym

Tokiko Mima of Key the Metal Idol, isn't your average teenaged girl. For one thing, she's a robot. A well constructed robot, but a robot none the less.


6. Never-Ending Gym

Doll Licca of Super Doll Licca, is one of the doll knights, who protect the royal family of Doll Land. It is a story which is based on the Licca-chan dolls. These dolls are very popular in Japan and are not unlike the North American Barbies.

7. Red-Hot Gym

Elle Ragu of Shadow Skill, the story focuses on her, and her posse. She has a taste for alcohol. She became very ill after her parents died, and her brother had to fight to earn $ to get her meds.


8. Life Gym

Sara of Sonic the Hedgehog (the movie) is the daughter of the president she appears to have a crush on Sonic but thats left to be said.


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