About the Webmistress

Pic by Delia

Hi I'm Lady Silver Senshi, I'm also known as Shicala, I'm your webmistress here at the Pocket Bishoujo webpage. Some of you have complimented me on the design of the Bishoujo and Bishonen sites although I must say I have nothing to do with the Bishonen site besides being it's sister site. The Bishonen site is maintained by Tokio and the concept of Pocket Bishonen is hers so I can't take more credit than maintaining this site and bringing more fun stuff to it.

Anyways past that and on to me ^_^ I'm a single and mother of 2. I've always been a Sailor-moon fanatic since I was in tenth grade or so, and I still am. Though now my Anime repertoire has grown and I love Ranma 1/2 and Chobits a LOT too. I like building websites so I thought since there was a demand for this site so why not go ahead and build it. You people though I think have brought it to life I never in my wildest dreams expected this site to be so very popular! But here we are in the year 2003 and we entered into this turn of the new year with around 350,000 or so hits to the main splash page. I began building websites when I was 19 and have gotten pretty good at it... I've also helped my friend Sharem build a website to display her fanart.. as well as a couple of my own and I've built a couple of sites for local businesses and helped my friends with any html questions that I can though I must say I've come across a few that I haven't been able to answer. :\
Oh well I got somewhere with this site and that makes me happy ^_^

Now for some fun facts according to emode.com these are me:

Breed of Dog- St. Bernard
True Color - yellow
Celebrity Match - Brad Pitt
Type of Flirt - Silly Flirt
IQ - 123
Ultimate Personality Test - Movie Star
Which Shoe Fits You? - Practical Pump
Naughty/Nice?- Strait Arrow
What's Your Flavor? - licorice
Color of Aura? - Sapphire
Superpower? - Super Speed
Ultimate Mom Test - Lots o' Laughs Mom
What's Your Eating Style? - Sugar and Starch Craver