Fix-Up Page

Do you want the chance to help "fix" any the less than acceptable images? Now you have the opportunity.. I have had a few complaints about the quality of the images sometime the Bisho-dex image sometimes the caught image... if you have a problem with an image please e-mail me... sorry "it's a FanArt, you shouldn't use it" isn't a valid reason unless it's not obvious who the Bishoujo is... ALSO I will not change a Bishoujo's caught images just because "it's been the same for months" I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO THAT!!!!!!!!

The other thing you can do is if you see a character who either has no short biography or no stats and you know info about them, feel free to submit it and you will get credit for it ^_^

YOUR PART: If there is a badge / dex image that you have a problem with, poor quality, distortion, etc., then send in a replacement. The image you send MUST be the size specified on the "submit new catch" page and you'll need to provide the info below:
 Your name/screen name, Email or Link, Name of Bishoujo. reason for change. and of course the image(s)

MY PART: If I agree with you, I will either replace the pic, or offer the new one as a choice to the catchers. Your name and link will be listed below this image. Whenever a chara is "fixed" I'll put the letters mentioned below beside their name in the Bisho-dex

P.S. Sorry, you don't get 1st caught image by doing this

B = Bisho-dex image replaced   C = caught image replaced

Images Fixed-Up
Please note I am constantly fixing up so if your fixup gets replaced it's cause the new image was better than yours

B = bisho-dex image replaced   C = caught image replaced  S = Stats
Name of Bishoujo Source What Replaced By
Tomoko Saeki DNAČ D LSS
Too many more updated to fix up for the new grand opening LSS
Name of Bishoujo Classification What Replaced By