Pic by Delia

The Background:

Original BG: Drawn by the wonderful Sydney! made into the background itself by me ^_^

NEW BG: By me :)

Basic Information about the site:

Established September 7th, 2000. All graphics  were made by Lady Silver Senshi, using PSP & Photoshop.

Some More Thanks and Credit: 

A. Tokio for the initial idea of Pocket Bishonen and for giving permission in her FAQs page for anyone to make the female version of this site
B. Thanks to my friends for helping me get this site on it's feet....
C. Thanks to Spotty for directing me to quick chat for our chat room, which unfortunately due to the lack of interest I have closed down.
D. Thanks Delia! for all your help with the many little things you've done it has been a GREAT help! and for suggesting the new Email and URL services ^_^ and for designing the Bisho-ball I use for bullets and separators.
E. Thank you to DN641 for submitting the battle system proposal. as well as any of you who emailed with further suggestions towards the system they may not all have been implemented but I did appreciate the feedback.
F. A super big thank you to Juenger1701 for designing the Bishoujo Battle Home version for the Battle zone You are quite talented with programming knowledge!
G. A SUPER GIGANTIC thank you to Sharem for helping in our time of crisis with Tripod's garbage!
H. Thank you Delia, Sharem and Sydney for all your wonderful art :)
I. ~Moogie~ for images they have scanned that have been used on this site www.shiningforcecentral.com
J. Thanks to Damasu and her friend at telkoth.net for the quizzes script we are starting to use in 2013