:: The FAQs ::


1. Would you change all names for the Sailormoon people to just their Japanese names? That's better than having to deal with NA names. 
  I'm sorry I have it that way for a reason.. I know there are people in this world who don't know the Sailormoon characters by just their Japanese names... therefore to be user friendly for everyone I will leave both Japanese and American names on the Bisho-dex cards and in the menus....

2. Do you accept non-anime/manga/videogame characters? For example, characters from TV shows, books, movies, etc.
  Yes any character who is a bishoujo (female) doesn't matter where they are from as long as they aren't hentai

3. You're the person who makes this site... whats with all the mistakes?
  Well I'm only human.... I don't know alot of these characters so I am relying on the info you people provide when you submit your character... so please don't rag me out about info and questions, as for small errors like broken links fill out the problem report and I will fix it asap. thanx

4. I submitted a character so I'm the first person to catch them and thus have the "1st" caught card how do I protect them on my site from being taken?
  Well there are two ways you can "protect" your bishoujo you can either discreetly put your name on your image or you can put the following lines (the pink ones) in right before the </head> tag in your HTML
<script language="JavaScript">
function click() {if (event.button==2) {alert("Sorry I caught these NOT you!");}}document.onmousedown=click// -->

5. Would it be alright if I used the bisho-ball logo background from this site on my site on the page I use to display my "caught" pics?
  I would respectfully ask you to refrain from doing so.. I wish the the bisho-ball logo background to stay unique to this site alone. Thus I am saying a polite "no", also this image was not drawn by me.. it was drawn for me and I had to ask to use it myself... although there are not alternatives.... there are premade backgrounds on the site for your pages if you wish to use them

6. You should add *specific character* to your list you don't have them
  Wrong if you want a character you can add them when the submission queue is open. I will NOT go searching for pics and information for a character unless I want to and even then it's for me and I decided to find the info, not cause someone asked me to. Please do NOT send me an email telling me to add a certain character.

7. I just submitted a bishoujo, when can I submit another?
  Once your presently submitted bishoujo is on the site you are welcome to submit another one

8. I submitted a bishoujo and don't see her in the updates nor the Bisho-dex should I resend her?
  Well in all likely-hood if you sent her after the queue opened but haven't seen a update dated before you submitted her with her name on it, and the queue hasn't yet closed.. she is likely in the queue and I am waiting for a few more submissions before closing the queue. My best advice is to sign up for the mailing list it'll tell you when anything has been changed

9. I've noticed you made it so we can't save the bisho-dex image but I want the pic can I have it?
  The lack of right clicks allowed on those pages isn't so that you can't take the image but for a different reason.... if you want an image feel free to contact me about it... I am willing to send out a maximum of 10 images at a time per person and you must be able to open either RAR, ZIP or ACE files please specify which you prefer or the default one I will use is ACE.

10. Can I submit a picture for a character who is someone who looks like this character might look like in the future but isn't that character?
  Well this answer is easy... No... why? because the images are NOT of the character submitted.

11. Hi! I was wondering, as a chara on your site, could you have Trunks from DBZ? Please? I would appreciate it a lot.
  unless he somehow became a bishoujo (example grew breasts and lost something down below), which isn't likely, the definition of bishoujo is "pretty girl" unless this describes a character you best go to http://www.pocket-bishonen.com for them.... Please keep this in mind for the future as well as I don't take requests for bishoujo, you the trainers have to do the footwork yourselves then submit them while the queue is open.

12. if I want to register, should I type anything into the e-mail, or should I just send it as is?
  I've answered this question a thousand times and it's beginning to get annoying.... NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO "REGISTER" TO CATCH BISHIES, NOR DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE A WEBSITE!!! I don't know half the people who come through this site only those who want to become "Master"s or join the clique, submit charas, badges etc.... you wanna catch Bishies by all means go right ahead catch bishies I just ask that if you put them on your page you put a link back to Pocket Bishoujo's site via the site's button or a link on a caught badge or a trainer's badge.

13. If the form for ____ doesn't seem to work on my computer, can I just send it on a regular e-mail?
  For certain servers example AOL my forms don't like to send/work.... so yes if you have a reasonable reason such as this for needing to send the form Via email I will except it as long as it has ALL the same info that the form asks for preferably in the same order

14. a) I completed all 16 of the gyms we need the badge for the first one and the master code for the second one.
      b) Dude!! I know you have a life outside of Pocket Bishoujo but I have been waiting for nearly two months now and I have not received a reply about the masters application. If my code words are wrong then you should e-mail me and say so but if they are right then I think you should have checked your e-mail by now!
  You don't need anything if I approve a master thats up to me from now on (April 2001) I think I shall disqualify ANYONE who sends me emails that say this. Please read the instructions cause all I need is all your code-words for ALL the first 8 gyms and after those are approved and I send out the masters codeword THEN you may apply for the grandmasters badge. I put code-words at the winning page of each gym for a reason. If I don't get them how do I know you actually did finish them??? Please don't EVER send me an email like this as I will simply delete this! When I get time to go through my hundreds of emails I WILL GET TO YOU. I have a special needs child who's needs are MORE IMPORTANT then this site!

15. People are only allowed to submit one bishoujo per update, so how come you (LSS) are allowed to submit as many as you want? I know that you run the site and everything, but don't you think it's a little unfair just in case someone was waiting to submit the character you already submitted?
  Well for one my submissions don't count toward the queue total yours do. if I let people submit 5 and 6 each only a few people would be able to submit instead of 40 people. Also thanks to this question (asked too many times over) I've made a note that in the "other things you want to tell me" box you can also make mention of future characters you might want to do in the next couple of queues if I know what people are trying to want to submit I can avoid them BUT if I don't know I can't know now can I? I'm not like the borg I don't have a collective self and can read everyone's minds. I also try to select animes (my usual type) that are the most obscure and hard to find info on, and in most cases I try NOT to add all the the female characters from that classification. In most cases I try and stick to 1, 2 at most from any particular anime/vg/other. Getting a question like this over and over tempts me to just plain close submissions for a while........... There are millions of peeps in this world my site gets an average of 500-600 hits per day how am I supposed to know what chara each of those peeps might wanna do???????

16. Why are you flaming a lot on your site? I'm referring to the all caps type that simply screams out at people. I do realize that the stupidity of some people can get annoying, but when you're going to open up a big organization on the internet, you have to be prepared of some of the dumb things you're going to receive.
  What was stated there is NOT flaming. The all caps in that sentence was used to make a point and to get people's attention. This is not a harsh statement at all, just one of the rules at this site. If you want to see a good flame, then go to my rants page. Now THAT is a flame.

17. About 3 months ago (I lost count) I submitted a few trainers badges to you. You said you'd have them up as soon as possible. Well, they're still not up. I don't mean to bug you about it, I was just wondering if you forgot or if you lost the images.
  Things often get filed away and I forget about them for a time I only have so many hands and so much brain to remember that (not that I'm not smart just that 2 kids tend to tie up a lot of thought and memory space especially when one is special needs and has a ton of appointments to remember) so PLEASE give patience and a gentle reminder now and then.

18. You say that you're backlogged in sending out stuff. Do you need any help? I have my own webpage, and I know it's hard to get updated all the time. If you ever need any help with anything, feel free to ask me. I'm willing to lend a hand in sending stuff out or making images or whatever.
  No thats ok I prefer to make and send out master badges, 1st caught badges and such myself. I get backlogged only when I am over-tired or sick or just plain really busy

19. "Ok, I see you say that you have no responsibility for Pocket Bishonen, but, well, you see, Tokio hasn't opened up the submission thing for a few months now, and I've been waiting and have this bishonen all ready, and seeing that you're open, and I was wondering if you could somehow contact Tokio and tell him/her to open up!"
  Nope don't bother asking, Tokio has reasons for having her site the way it it why not try READING her news page for once, there are valid reasons for her actions........... In my friends words "tell them that by them writing to you about that, it would be like complaining to burger king that the big mac was made wrong."

20. If the web site you got the info for the Ocean Gym from closed down, why don't you do a different character from the series? You can barely find any info on the current character now. I can't just guess, because there are over 100 different combinations! Is it possible to do a gym from another one (Grand Masters or Mega-Grandmasters), and give you the code word for that one instead?
  Don't work that way :( besides if its from the same series you'd have just as much trouble with them.......... Well you'll have to g&t the answers you can't find. And nope those codewords are for those gyms it is possible to beat cause I'm still getting master's applications.

21. I don't think it's right for you to only put female bishoujos on your site, it just plain isn't right. I  not a boy but I still think you could make your site better by putting more than female bishoujos on this site. And plus you might have more people visit the battle rooms. And don't fuss at me but I just want to know WHY you can't put male bishoujos on your site?????
  Uh it has something to do with the fact that there is NO such thing as a MALE BISHOUJO... by definition "Bishoujo" means "PRETTY GIRL" in Japanese, if you want males go to the BISHONEN (defined as pretty boy) site and catch males to your heart's content

22. Hello. First I'd like to say that I love your site. It's really great, and I can't understand why people keep whining... Anyway, let's get to the point... As I keep catching more and more bishoujo, my collection takes up more space on my server... And I doubt that I will have room for all of them... So I was wondering if it's okay to convert the pictures to the .gif format, or do I have to use the original images on my site? Please note that I am NOT asking you to change the format of the original pictures, I just wonder if it's okay to alter my copies of them... Just to be sure...
  I guess so although youd lose the quality. My suggestion that I really dont mind is if you resize them smaller then their file sizes wont be so big. Example a full size image might be about 98K but shrink it to 50% and itd be about 24K whereas if you save the file in gif format youd lose a lot of colors and the file is only 34K (this using the Kuri caught image)

23. I would just like to know why I haven't heard anything about my tc application and you haven't added me to the masters list
  I do have a life and two kids you know I dont spend every waking minute working on PB please be patient! There are others waiting patiently in line too

25. Why don't they have an Eriol Hiiragizawa bishoujo????
  Ok now this represents the stupid questions I get quite frequently -_-;;; let me say it once and for all BISHOUJO MEANS "PRETTY GIRL" IN JAPANESE get some glasses and tell me if Eriol has breasts and if he does I'll gladly add him for now mosey over to Pocket BISHONEN (by definition PRETTY BOY)

26. How come when I want to catch a Sailor Moon Bishoujo I says See Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon? I try to click on it but I cant. How do I get the the Sailor Moon Bishoujo?
  Three EASY steps -> 1. Go to the page with the "B"s on it......... 2. scroll down to "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon"......... 3. click on Sailor Moon Bishoujo's name you wish to catch

27. Okay. ^_^ I have a few questions though if you don't mind ^_^. Is this for just humanoid creatures, or just creatures in general? Is it for both genders? :( Plus, what happens to the characters like Sally and Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog and Sawyer from Cats Don't Dance at your site for Pocket Bishoujo? Are they going to stay there, or will you move them to this new site?
  The current creature bishoujo will remain on Pocket Bishoujo I won't be adding any others. I won't be running Pocket Seibutsu and yes all creatures of any kind/gender will not be accepted here

28. I have lost my first catch image for ____ could you please send me a new one?
  I'm afraid I don't hold onto the first catch pics so thus I can't reissue these.

29. from an email I received......  "I cannot catch ___, I KNOW I have the right answers TOO, ALL my friends i talk to, ALL the ppls on gamefaqs that i talk to ALL the ppls on neopets that I talk even this guy who is TOTALLY infatuated with ___ says the answers are # # # but I enter it and its NOT right! you have a wrong answer on there I know you do because anyone I talk to who has played the game all say those are the answers now can you email me the pic of ___ Bishoujo??? because we all know that the "correct answer" you have is a wrong answer and totally unfair to those who are actually correct who can catch her and I don't think that 34 ppls are all coming up with the same wrong answers either"
  this is NOT how a problem report works! fill in a problem report and supply a URL (not your own site) that proves what you are saying other wise I don't change these....... and no I don't email out ANYONE a catch badge.

30. Okay, I've been half way across the net and back! Still I haven't found a good Battle Skipper site. How in the world do you expect ppl to catch her? if half the sites are down? I mean you go to anipike and half of those sides are down you to yahoo half those sites are down it's frustrating!!!!! and if half those sites were up! I'd have her in no time! but there down and I'm wondering, how can I catch her without knowing?
  Hmmmm *looks at master's badge list to be done* well they still manage I think you can too.