by Benit

Beniko suckled on a lollipop like a soother while reading the paper. Danjiko heaved a heavy box from the inventory garage and commented, "Wow. I didn't think you were the type to keep up on the latest news."

He set the box down and peeked at what Beniko was reading. "What're you checking up on, anyway? Weather? Sports? Panty Shot of the Day?"

"Nope. There article on planet called 'Pocket'. I see more."

"'Pocket'? Beniko, don't tell me what I fear I'm thinking of."

"No worry. Pokemon boring and expensive. But this annual event free, and for all age and both gender. You no come if you no want to, but I like to go for day. There little to do in town lately, since no Azuko bug me during week," Beniko replied.

Danjiko scratched his chin. "That's true. What if Garnko has some jobs for you? It IS a regular 9-to-5 day."

"Actually," a female's voice rang through, "it would be a wonderful opportunity."

Garnko walked downstairs, clad in her orange jumpsuit and white ruffled shirt. "Mondays tend to be slow work days, plus I don't have any chores for her. I don't mind if she takes the day off. Eiko's also been interested in going there. I'm just worried because it's an interplanetary journey."

"Free shuttle. 'Bishie Mover', it called. No worry, accident-free," Beniko reassured her.


"Hey, she's right, big sis!" Eiko's voice exclaimed, and the summoner hopped into the room. "I did my homework, and so I know EVERYTHING about Pocket! Don't worry about Beniko and I. The Bishie Mover is virtually safe! I guarantee it!"

"Didn't they say that about the Titanic? What if you get hit by an asteroid?" Danjiko asked.

Beniko pointed at his cheek. "You get wrinkle. That mean you worry too much."


Garnko giggled. "I guess I'm forced to believe you two if you're so admanant about going. Take care, and make sure not to come home after dark. Then Danjiko and I will really gain some wrinkles."

"Yes, Mom," Eiko muttered dryly. She grabbed Beniko's arm. "Let's go and do some 'fishing'! Tee hee!"

"Fishing? I thought it catching," Beniko responded.


Onboard the Bishie Mover, Eiko and Beniko were surrounded by lots of other chibis. Beniko peeked around, but she didn't see her arch-rival Azuko.

"I guess this too childish for snobby Azuko. That okay," she smiled.

The Mover hovered into the air before shooting off into outer space, throwing its guests around like dice in a Yahtzee game. An over-friendly female's voice chimed in, "Welcome to the Bishie Mover, and enjoy your trip to Pocket. For your convenience, we have stored bags in the chairs in front of you, and waitresses will come along to offer food. Thank you, have a nice trip."

Eiko picked herself off the ground. "Eeeew, I think I stepped on someone's upchucks."

The Mover shook violently as everyone groaned and piled themselves back into their chairs. Beniko sweated, "That it. I no listen to liar liar media again!"

Eiko shook her head. "Nothing we can do about it. Maybe the food'll be better."

Unfortunately, it wasn't...

"What you mean there no peanuts!?" Beniko raved at the waitress. "Or Dewprism!? In fact, why Dewprism drink renamed 'Threads of Fate'? That no drink. I think it spaghetti of destiny!"

Her companion poked at her food. "THIS is food? This looks like a pig's brains and intestines cooked raw and claimed to be 'real pork'! I'll sue!"

Fortunately, the Mover arrived to it's destinated planet relatively safe, albeit it's occupants a little... weary. Everyone piled out, immensely relieved that they were on flat ground now.

"Yay! We in one piece!" Beniko cheered, stretching.

"Let's not celebrate for too long. We only have today to hang around here until we get our next big break, so let's get the scoop on this game," Eiko said. The two girls parted from the crowd and arrived at a stadium surrounded by many pillars of marble, water calmly running through manmade creeks.

"Whooo... it preeeetty..." Beniko viewed in awe.

Suddenly, a girl with a thick notebook and a badge on her shirt jumped in front of the pair! The green-haired girl blinked and pointed at Eiko. "You! I'm gonna get ready to catch you, so gimme your best questions!"

"Come again?" Eiko muttered. "What is this about?"

"Come on, don't you have your three questions!?" the girl retorted. Then she gasped. "Oh my God! This means I've made a first catch! My lucky day! Oh, and what about your friend? I don't recognize her from any shoujo anime or game."

Eiko was livid at this point as Beniko said, "I homemade character. I have script immunity."

"Okay, sorry about that. But I'm gonna have to take Eiko with me to submit!" the girl excitedly exclaimed as she grabbed the back of Eiko's overalls. The summoner screamed, "Hey, lemme go! I have rights, you know! This is no way to treat a lady!"

The girl ran off with Eiko, leaving a startled Beniko behind. She questioned herself, "Can I say... otaku? I get Eiko back before dark, or we grounded with chores for week. Oh well, I become crazy otaku too. After all, no beat them, join them."

Beniko entered the stadium, where a score of other people were reading over their own notebooks and chatting amongst each other. Some people were catching characters, while others wrote stories of their adventures. Some drew, some contested for fame. But everyone was on the go.

"Wow... I feel small. What go on here?" Beniko wondered outloud.

"Hello, chibi-chan. Are you lost?" a woman's voice asked behind her. Beniko turned around to see a brown-haired woman with glasses, wearing a pink outfit.

"Yes... what those notebooks?" Beniko asked.

"Here. I'll give you the FAQ book. I'm a very busy lady, you know," the woman offered Beniko a thick book. The weight of the book was too much for the chibi, and she facefell. Regardless, the woman left her be and Beniko opened it up. She recognized the woman as 'LSS', the authour.

Beniko discovered that the notebooks held badges that characters in the planetary 'dex' held, and were obtainable by answering three questions per character. On one half of the planet resided bishounen, while the other half had bishoujo. Beniko was interested in the Bishoujo half and read those rules. For a challenge, Gyms were available to test professional masters, but only in the Bishoujo half..

Beniko was very interested in those Gyms. If she could prove herself to be the best of the best, she could possibly win back Eiko and they could go back to Chibiko safely! She laughed and shouted, "That it! I become Number One!"

Everyone else stared at the shouting girl dubiously, all action stopping. Beniko sweatdropped and ran out of the stadium.

After an hour of preparation, Beniko recieved her own notebook and a badge similar to the girl who kidnapped Eiko. It only had a number, reading "#137".

"No worry, Eiko. I save you!" Beniko said. "Gimme obvious gals for start."

Beniko returned from the forest with her notebook filled with badges from Bishoujo she deemed were 'easy' for her. Unfortunately, those badges were too common, so much that pretty much everyone else had them. Beniko desired a challenge, and a 'challenge' definitely didn't mean trying to obtain 750+ badges. No siree, she was running out of time.

Suddenly, Beniko bumped into a teenaged female with long blonde hair, a blue bandanna wrapped around her head, blue eyes, and a spear in her hand. For some odd reason, it was constantly cold around her.

"I sorry. I no mean to bump you," Beniko apologized.

"That's okay. I was trying to find out what was going on here, since I suddenly wound up here without a reason," the woman said. "Can you tell me what's going on here?"

"Uhh... what your name and where you from?" Beniko asked.

"I'm Yuki... and where I'm 'from'? Well... I'm from Earth, of course."

"No no, what game? What anime? What movie?"

"Kid, you on Hypers or something?" Yuki retorted. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I no high. And I Beniko. Kid over there if you wanna talk to her," Beniko said. "Oh never mind. I sorry, Yuki. I take you to stadium to cure problem."


Beniko guided Yuki back to the stadium, where they approached the registration table. She asked the man, "You help my friend Yuki here? She lost."

"Hmm... I thought she was a First Capture for you," he replied.

"First Capture? What you mean?"

"Yeah, just what exactly is going on here? If this is a harem, I'm outta here without any explanations!" Yuki exclaimed, whipping her spear at the man's throat.

"Wait, just calm down! I recognize you from the game Last Blade, and you don't appear to be in the Dex. That little girl has just helped you be added into there. Don't worry, this isn't a place run by Don Corneo. If you can just get that thing away from my throat, I'll explain to you what's going on here," he explained.

Yuki sheathed her polearm and crossed her arms. "Fine, but this better not be as bad as I'm thinking it is. Oh well, if this is the best you can do for me, Beniko, then all the better. Thanks," Yuki said to Beniko.

"No problem. I just try to find friend Eiko."

Yuki walked into the meeting room as the man designed a totally new badge on his computer. He printed it out, laminated it, and handed it to Beniko. "Here you go. First Capture of Yuki. Congratulations! Keep up that cutsey effort of yours, and new Bishoujo will be rounded up in this rodeo!"

Beniko blinked, staring at the badge made uniquely for her. She walked away and inserted it into her notebook.

"I so happy! But I no find Eiko," Beniko mused suddenly. She glanced at the gold-lettered seal in front of her, and she read it carefully.

Trainers! Do you wish to make your dream come true? Then participate in the Gyms and round up the toughest, baddest girls with the hardest questions designed by Lady Silver Senshi to surely throw anyone off! Some will be easy, some will be hard, but all is based on your knowledge of these lovely lasses! If you succeed, you'll be given a wish and it will be granted!

"A wish? That mean if I go, I wish Eiko back for good. It sound fun, plus I want fight anyway," Beniko reasoned.

The sun was setting by then, as Beniko stepped out bruised and mentally drained from her fight with Sofia of Toshinden. Beniko's research threw up some tricks on her, but she succeeded in handling the Golden E. Badge, the little E sparkling in her hand. Beniko smiled.

"Lesse... that Garden, Ocean, Golden E., Halfmoon, Sunny, Neverending... I get all except Indigo Plateau four. I celebrity now to trainers, so I no give up," Beniko said.

"Then you better have all the good luck you need," a girl's voice replied. Beniko noticed that it was the same green-haired girl who kidnapped Eiko.

"Hey! You bad girl! Why you take Eiko away!?" Beniko pointed at her.

"My name's Midori, not 'bad girl'. I just submitted her for one of my many First Captures. I noticed that you sent in Yuki yourself. I must say, you're pretty clever to not act crazy when submitting to the Dex," Midori said. "I can never contain my excitement."

"But it accident."

"SURE it was. Oh well, we all have our cases. I haven't tackled the Gyms yet myself, so you're pretty good to me. I've seen glimpses of the Indigo Plateau myself if you need to go there," Midori offered.

"Why you nice to me? I call you 'bad girl'," Beniko wondered.

"Ah forget about it. Besides, if you can beat Angelina, Kotono, Kyleen, and especially Moldiver, then your wish of gaining your friend back will come true. What more could you want? Besides, you look like you're in a hurry," Midori noticed. "Best we not waste anymore of your time. Let's go!"

"But-" Beniko tried to protest, but Midori grabbed her arm and guided her to the Indigo Plateau.

The grass was... well... indigo.

"What happen here? Did Indigo of Rainbow Brite shower grass with star sprinkles?" Beniko wondered dubiously.

"It's a speculation. It's not a health hazard, so there's nothing to worry about. See those four tents? Yes, those are the Gyms. I suggest going for Angelina and Kotono first, since info is somewhat easy to get. Kyleen, well, I hear you'd have to do some digging. With Moldiver, however, prepared to lose some blood and brain cells," Midori warned Beniko. "Here, I'll be your Medical Center. Wanna buy a potion?"

A moogle popped out from her pocket, exclaiming, "Kupo!"

Beniko sweatdropped as she went for the Earthy Gym first; Kotono's. Beniko sat in front of her monitor and faced the seiyuu, the Who Wants to Be a Millionare-esque screen lit up before her. Amazingly, a crowd was converging on the tent.

"Hello, little girl. Are you ready for my lovely voice?" Kotono asked.

"Bring it on!" Beniko exclaimed.

Kotono fired her questions at Beniko's monitor. She was thrown off-guard when she had to answer forty instead of ten questions. No wonder these Gyms were harder...

Finally, Beniko's last click was a successful one. Her fortieth question answered after about a half-an-hour's work, Kotono shook Beniko's hand.

"Wonderful. I didn't think anyone had that much perseverance. But it's only getting started for you. Here's the crest," she congratulated, handing the green gem shaped like a planet to Beniko. She could feel some weak power ebbing through it.

Power of wish...? she wondered inwardly before leaving the tent.

The crowd clapped when Beniko stepped out, handling the gem with care. She approached Midori and said, "Are you Save Point too? I no think I go on..."

"Oh, come on, Beniko. The trainers are loving you! Here's some Gatorade," Midori offered, holding the bottle up for Beniko to guzzle down the liquid. "There you go. That should help you out. I suggest tackling Angelina next."

"Thanks, Midori. I do that."

Angelina's Gym was basically the same kind of 'simple' research. Once beaten, the actress handed Beniko the Water crest, a gem shaped like a droplet. The Power of the Wish grew a little stronger for Beniko, making her feel more confident.

She consulted Midori again.

"Good, good! Two down, two to go, but that was the easy half. Now comes the harder half. Wanna buy some granola bars? I heard that masters spent hours in Kyleen and Moldiver's Gyms, so their hunger seems to build up," Midori suggested.

"Any Snickers?"

"Of course. Here's all you need."

"You walking vending machine?"

"I do what I can. Now get in there and teach that selfish theif Kyleen how to act proper!"

An hour later...

Beniko's eyes were bags as she grudgingly accepted Kyleen's Fire Badge.

"Didn't think you sissy trainers were capable of me, but I guess some stand out in a crowd. Why not get some sleep before tackling Moldiver? You look wasted," Kyleen said.

"No... I... ok... ay... I... go... get... Ei... ko... now..." Beniko huffed, dragging herself out of the tent with a red crystal shaped like a flame. Although she was horrifically exhuasted, Beniko couldn't give up yet. She still had time to beat Danjiko's curfew and bring back Eiko. If only she could beat Moldiver...

Beniko sat before Moldiver's screen, the anime superheroine jumping excitedly in jumping jacks.

"Hello, hello! Are you ready for me!? I know you are if you beat the other three!" Moldiver exclaimed.

"Uhhh..." Beniko moaned. She was definitely not up for answering forty more questions. Her head was starting to throb violently from so much eyestrain and thinking. Unfortunately, these Gyms didn't allow anyone turning back, so it was 'Do or Die'.

Beniko attempted the first page of questions, which took a good chunk of time of guesses. An hour later, she eked her way to the second page.

There must be better way. This so hard... Beniko thought in exhaustion. There only review pages for Moldiver. That no good. Where episode summary? They no... uggh... I cheat? No! Never! I no bad girl!

Beniko looked up weakly and noticed Moldiver pouting over her.

"Giving up so soon like the others!? I thought you were a challenge! I guess not," she muttered.

Suddenly, Beniko had an idea. "Okay, if question no good, then combat good."

"You mean... live combat? But that's not allowed!"

"Do or Die," Beniko quoted.

Moldiver winced, then changed into her superheroine costume. The heroine stood before Beniko and pointed at her. "Is this better!?"

The little girl simply kept an eye on her watch.

"Hey, what're you doing? I thought you wanted to fight me!"

555 seconds...

"Hey! Look at me! I'm gonna pounce ya!"

444 seconds...


333 seconds...

"You deaf, apart from being a friggin' dwarf!?"

222 seconds...

"Geez, you're no fun."

111 seconds...

"That's it, I'm gonna hurt ya!"

000 seconds...

The uniform on Moldiver shimmered, and she widened her eyes as Beniko suddenly looked away. Moldiver was now in her birthday suit!

"Uh... okay... so that was your game, huh!? Here, take the badge! I need some clothes!!!" she screamed, throwing the white crystal at the still facing-away Beniko. She caught the Wind Badge and stared at it, finally proud that her quick thinking saved the day. It appeared that during her research, she discovered how long Moldiver's suit lasted; 666 seconds. She used that information to her advantage.

"Hee hee! I good!" Beniko giggled as she raised the four Indigo Plateau badges into the air. "I wish, I wish on the four elements of Pocket... to bring back dear friend Eiko and return home before curfew!"

The crystalline badges glowed red, blue, green, and white, enveloping her in a blast of multicoloured light.

Beniko reappeared in an alleyway behind Chibiko Confectionary. She piled herself out of the garbage before looking around for Eiko. She found her lying in a heap of rotten food.

"Eiko! Eiko! You okay!?" Beniko exclaimed, trying to wake her up. She succeeded in doing so, the summoner blinking slowly. She crinkled her nose and exclaimed, "Eeeew! Where are we!? I was in a forest giving out badges to people, and now I'm in a dumpster of a place!"

"We back home. I wish with power of Indigo Plateau crystals to bring us back home," Beniko explained. "It hard, though..."

"Oh no! The curfew! I forgot about it!"

It was late at night, the two girls realized. Were they in deep guano? They tiptoed towards the entrance and peeked inside. The store was barren of people, so they crept inside, trying so much as to not make a noise. They tiptoed upstairs.

"Let's sneak into our beds... Good night, Beniko..." Eiko whispered under her breath.

"Good night, Eiko," Beniko did so likewise. They parted for their rooms. Beniko opened her door slowly and quietly. There, Danjiko was sleeping like a baby, giving Beniko major relief. She slipped into her pyjamas and crept into her bed, not maing a sound except for the blankets.

Mission successful! Beniko happily thought.

Suddenly, Danjiko's voice rang out from out of nowhere, "Out late today, I see?"

"O_O;;; Uh oh."

NOTE: No offense to the actual submitter of Eiko Carol, 'squall_sgirl'. I just made up Midori on the spot, but you're still the true sender. This fanfic is in no means a way for me to steal from Pocket Bishoujo, and I made sure not to reveal any questions or answers during the writing of this story.