Tales of a Bishoujo Trainer--Prologue
By Asher Cross

"Asher? Asher!"

Asher Cross opened his eyes to find himself resting his head on a book...

In school.

He sat up, wiping the line of drool connecting his chin to the book, and closed it.

He looked over to the person who had called his name-Aidan, his best friend, in the seat next to him.

"You better stop drifting off like that, or Master Chan will have your  head!"

"Sorry, sorry," he whispered, attempting to hold his eyes open during class. He REALLY didn't want to train Bishonen, and he felt kinda awkward, being that Aidan and he were the only boys in...and probably the only ones in the world. Aidan's decision was by choice, being that it entertained his obsession with collecting. He'd collected everything collectible my man...except Bishonen.

Asher's was by force. His overbearing mother had sent him off to the Bishonen Training School (a school in a clearing outside a dense forest in Japan) after his father died, and hadn't seen her since. His mom wanted him to expand his horizons, learn new things, and "maybe find a nice girl, hmm?" Asher winced as he remembered mother's Fran Drescher-esque voice. It wasn't that it wasn't fun. He just didn't know what he'd do with Bishonen.

Well, so far it'd been a treat. Although he was getting good marks, no girl would talk to him or Aidan, and Aidan was the only friend he'd made since arriving, and that was because he was the only other guy there, and they both felt a little intimidated by the situation (Asher also noticed that they were the only Americans in the school).

No matter. Aidan and he were planning to run away from the school, Master Chan's monotonous voice, and the taunting (and constant egging) by the girls, that very night...


That night, as the two boys schemed in their room (which was two stories up in the tall school building), preparing to leave...

A dark figure snuck through the night, snickering as it softly rushed across the school grounds. He clutched his bag of Bishonen-balls...

*hehe...those two little punks are really going to leave, and that'll take the blame off me when they find out I stole ALL the school's Bishonen!* he thought as the maniacal snickering continued.

He tripped on a stick, and cursed himself for being so stupid. As he walked away, a ball slipped out of a small pouch on the figure's belt.

The thief did not seem to notice, for it continued on its way, sneaking away from the school...


Aidan nodded to Asher, who nodded back. They picked up the rope they had made out of the sheets, and tossed one end out the open window, tying the other end to the bed.

Aidan whispered to Asher, "You go first, I'll follow!"

Asher stepped onto the windowsill, taking hold of the rope, and slowly  rappelling down the wall.

Asher smiled as he descended. *Finally, I'm getting out of here!*

His smile faded away once he reached down for more rope, when there wasn't any, and still half a story left to go...

He lost his grip, and plummeted down the remaining half-story to the ground below.

His back hit something particularly hard, and he bit his lip to prevent from howling with pain. Instead, he groaned out, "Come on, Aidan!"

He waited several seconds. Aidan didn't come. He heard a door opening, and the monotonic voice of Master Chan chastising Aidan.

Once he heard Master Chan drawl, "Where is Asher?", Asher knew that was his cue to run. By instinct, he picked up the spherical object that he had landed on (which was surprisingly intact) and ran for his life into the forest.

He ran and ran, until he was out of breath, and he couldn't see the school anymore.

He rested against the tree, catching his breath. He finally looked at the ball he was holding. "A stupid Bishounen-ball? Get out of here!" he said, throwing the ball into the dense forest ahead.

His eyes opened wide as the ball hit a tree with the button on the front of it, opening the ball, and suddenly, out of the ball appeared a Bi...

"...shojo?" he murmured, as the flash of light that emanated from the ball transformed into a spunky, bright-blue-haired girl his age!

She looked over at him, and her eyes opened wide.

Before Asher could react, the Bishoujo ran up to him and pounced, glomping him as he fell to the ground.

As she continued to gape adoringly, Asher looked in her mouth and noticed that her teeth were a bit sharper than most...

"Mmmmm, thank youuuuuu!" she giggled, squeezing him harder.

Soon, Asher was making panting sounds, which were really attempts to screech out the word, "Air!"

Apparently, the Bishoujo interpreted it correctly, and got off him.

"Who are you, anyway?"

"I'm your Ryoko!"

"But...you came from the...and you're a..." Asher stammered, at a loss for words.

"Of course, silly! I'm different from Bishonen! I'm a Bishoujo!"

"I never read about those..."

"Oh, we're the same as Bishonen, except we love YOU!" Ryoko cooed, pouncing on him again.

"Please tell me you're the only one of you..." he said, finally giving up.

"Oh no, there are TONS of us, just a small fraction compared to  Bishonen...By the way, what're you doing in the Bishonen school?" Her eyes went wide. "You're not..."

"No!" Asher said, crossing his arms.

"Good!" Ryoko cheered, glomping.

"Well...I guess wandering around and collecting Bishoujo might not be that  bad..." Asher said, a smile beginning to cross his face...