Pocket Bishoujo Special: Episode 1: Journey Begins

by  Kourin Cho

Kourin's Notes: I often use Japanese words in this fic. If you堮ot sure what the words mean ask me. If you堧oing to read this then I suggest that you first read the Prologue to get a better reference. Also Iயt sure the real term for the balls that you use to catch bishoujo and Bish are so I젪ust call them Bisho-balls. We also have an endless amount of money and Bisho-balls. There is also a Bisho-dex just like on the two Bisho sites and on Pokemon. We also can only carry 6 bishoujo or Bish at a time. Just like in Pokemon. There will also be the gym badges like Pokemon and on the Pocket Bishoujo site.

The remainder of the night the four girls prepared the items that they 
would need for their journey. ዡy we need money aka okane,믵rin said. 襣k,䨥 other three said going through their items check list. 쯴hes in case we need extra.㠃heck.⠈oi Poi capsules?" Check." 
"Enough food for a week." "Check." ⩳ho-balls.㠗hat are Bisho-balls?䠏h right I forgot to tell you huh? Bisho-balls are the basic thing that you need to catch bishoujo and or Bish. I kind of helped to make them somehow so they said that I get this unlimited number of Bisho-balls. I also get royalties too since I somehow also seemed to have copyrighted it.㑋ay so if we need them we젪ust ask you,䨥 three of them replied.
They tried their hardest to get back to sleep but they wanted to think 
about which would be their first bishoujo. 鯵 know currently that there are at least 222 bishoujo?믵rin asked her friends. 믵rin-chan we know that already,䨥y all replied. 굳t a little reminder, na no da!㠈ey if we get to choose our first bishoujo who would you choose?a questioned them. 祬l, Iࣨoose Dorothy from Gundam Wing,륡rin replied. ﵠwould,䨥 three replied. ⤠choose Rei from Evangelion,a and Hotaru both replied. ৵ess that makes sense,믵rin said. 塨, but who would you choose Kourin?륡rin asked her. 頤on't know. Iਡve to see what 
Dr. Hikari has before I decide.㠗ow Kourin thatಥally sensible. Not normally like you think,说aru stated. There was no reply from Kourin. ﵲin. Hey Kourin are you awake?说aru asked. Again there was no reply. 
৵ess so.䨥 other 3 talked while Kourin dreamed of the Harem of 
Bish that she would soon have, with the help of the bishoujo who would help her and be her friends.
The next morning they all woke up early (Kourin and Kearin made sure Hotaru and Nika would get up early) So that they would arrive and defiantly get a bishoujo. ⭯n! Cﮡ Cﮠlet৯!륡rin and Kourin said to Nika and Hotaru. 㡮ɠeat first?a complained. 鯵 can eat while we walk there.㯠forced they all walked to Dr. Hikariଡb.
When they arrived they were amazed at the long line of people leading out of the front door of Dr. Hikariଡb. I!?!?!?!?!?!䨥 four exclaimed. ﷠could all of these people be here for a bishoujo?륡rin whined. 嬬 look,믵rin said. 쬠of them are hentai guys who will do who knows what to poor helpless bishoujo.㋒so this sucks. Now well never get a bishoujo,说aru complained. 嬬... I know something that might work. I젢e right back,믵rin said as she slowly disappeared in the sea of hentai boys. Suddenly they reversed their direction and trampled over Hotaru, Nika and barely missed Kearin. Kourin turned around to look at her friends displaying that there were no more hentai boys. She then sweat dropped when she saw Nika and Hotaru were flattened, then sweat-dropped. 
Since there was no longer a huge line to Dr. Hikariଡb they rushed up there to get a bishoujo.
They approached her front door slowly and somewhat excited. Kearin pushed the front door to Dr. Hikariଡb. Inside it didnଯok much like a lab. 
It looked more like a mansion. 嬬o! Is Dr. Hikari here?a said. There was no real reply but her echo. 㵤denly from out of nowhere a woman in a white trench coat, wearing a blue dress under her trench%20coat and with regular sized glasses. Ქ you the four girls that requested me to set aside some bishoujo for you?㨥 asked as if she knew already what there reason for being there was. 衩,䨥 four replied. 詠Dr. Hikari, remember me!?믵rin said very energetically. �you look familiar,㨥 said. 鯵r name wouldnࢥ Kourin would it?㉴ is.믵rin replied.p;
퇠I remember you. You were the young girl who helped us to first develop the Bisho-balls. Anyway what is it you girls need?ォshoujo!䨥y replied in unison. 蘒right. I forgot recently I堢een a little ditzy so you must forgive me. Right bishoujo. You堪ust in luck. I have four left. Would you three please follow me?䲮 Hikari requested. They did as was told and followed her. The arrived at a huge room extremely complex machines.
"Okay where did I put those last four Bishoujo I had?" Dr. Hikari asked 
herself. "Ano...,"Kourin stated "Dr. Hikari don't those Bisho-balls right in front of you have anything in them?" "Of course," she said hitting her forehead. "Okay onnas I only have four left. There not exactly the best but decide among yourselves on who gets who. Anyway..." Dr. Hikari threw the balls and there was a small flash of light and there were three regular size Bishoujo and one chibi. "All I have left is Naga from the Slayers Movies and OVAs, Misao from Rurouni Kenshin, Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi, and a chibi Dorothy from Gundam Wing which I've had for the same time as the others but for some reason she hasn't really grown that much. I mean that I've had these for about three years and Dorothy has only grown 1/2 a foot. The rest are normal. I just don't understand why she won't grow." "Kawaii!" Kearin exclaimed. I want it I want it!". "you can have her," the other three 
replied. "Hey Misao-chan, "Kourin said" let's work together to get Aoshi!" 
"Yatta!" Misao exclaimed. "That leaves two more," Dr. Hikari stated. " I'll take Miaka. I guess," Hotaru said. "Oh great and I'm stuck with Naga," Nika complained. There was a really annoying laugh heard through out the lab. "So you're my lackey," said Naga. She then again does her trade mark laugh. "No, not that laugh!" all except Kourin whined. "Is there something wrong with it?" Kourin asked. Quickly they all gagged Naga to prevent her from making all of them (except Kourin) deaf.
"'Kay my work is done. Oh and almost forgot to give you these." Dr. Hikari ran off to go get something then quickly returned. "Gomen nasai. I almost forgot to give you four Bisho-dexes. It'll identify and Bish or Bishoujo if you point it at them. It also tells you a basic Bio on them." "We don't need Bisho-dexs," Kearin, Nika, and Hotaru replied. "We have a living one. Kourin's like a living Bisho-dex because she knows so many." "Nani. Iie! I'm not a living Bisho-dex. I admit that I know a lot of Bish and Bishoujo but I don't know that many. So we'll take those Bisho-dexes Dr. Hikari!" 
Kourin demanded. She did so and gave each of them a special Bisho-dex just for them that no one else could use.
As they walked out of the lab a lab assistant stopped them." Chotto matte kurasai," she said huffing. "Here take these. Dr. Hikari knows that Kourin has an endless amount but just in case she doesn't share it Dr Hikari gave all of you, including Kourin, 20 Bisho-balls. Normally they would cost at least 4000 yen , but these are free. There are of each type. Regular Bisho-ball, Great Bisho-ball, Ultra Bisho-ball, and Master Bisho-ball. Try not to use the master ones unless it's against someone very powerful. That's minna. Ja!". As they walked out of the door the assistant and Dr. Hikari waved them farewell. They waved back to them and left the city which they were staying at with their heavy packs. So begins the four girls journey to become great Bish and Bishoujo trainers/ huntresses.

To be continued...
Next episode: Episode 2 First Encounter. The four encounter another four team of girls who challenge each of them in a match. What will happen? Who will ? Wait for episode two of Pocket Bishoujo Special: First Encounter.