Pocket Bishoujo Special: Episode 2 First Encounter

by  Kourin Cho

Kourin's Notes: I use Japanese words in the fic a lot. If you’re not sure 
what the words mean ask me. If you’re going to read this then I suggests that you first read the Prologue and Ep 1.Also I’m no sure the real term for the balls that you use to catch bishoujo and Bishónen are so I’ll just call them Bisho-balls. We also have an endless amount of money and Bisho-balls or Bisho-balls. There is also a Bisho-dex just like on the two bishie sites and on Pokemon. We also can only carry 6 bishoujo or Bishónen at a time. Just like in Pokemon. There will also be the gym badges like Pokemon and on the Pocket Bishoujo site. Also there is now a narrator who gives a very brief idea on what happened in the last part/ episode. I guess that’s it. All of Kearin and Karumi are only 2 1/2 feet tall okay?

Narrator: Last time on Pocket Bishoujo Special Kourin, Kearin, Nika and Hotaru got their first bishoujo, Bisho-balls, and a Bisho-dex. They also left the town that they were staying at so they could begin their journey. So they're currently traveling to Azure.

The four girls were resting and having a little picnic. "Minna please try 
some!" Miaka (Hotaru's bishoujo) exclaimed. "Misao I don't suggest you eat any. Here, "Kourin said handing Misao some candy. "Try some it's good!" 
"Thanks, "replied Misao (Kourin's bishoujo). "Oiishi!" she exclaimed. "Doro don't you eat Miaka's cooking either. I have a special for you too." "Yatta!" the chibi Dorothy (Kearin's bishoujo) exclaimed. "Okay Naga do whatever you want but do not laugh," Nika instructed her bishoujo. "Oh that food smells so oiishi!" Naga exclaimed nearing Miaka's food. "Please have some!" Miaka requested. Naga took one bite and then turned blue." Are you trying to poison me!" "Excuse me did I force you to eat it?" Naga was silent for awhile before she did her trademark laugh. "Nika make her stop!" the others demanded. "Naga return!" Nika said. Naga returned into her Bisho-ball. They all put away there things and returned their bishoujo to their Bisho-ball. 
Hotaru took out a map then asked "Okay so what should we do?". "Should we go to Azure now or should we stay here for awhile? "Well considering that we can get there in less then an an hour we could rest, but I think it'd be better for us to get there because there's not that much for us to do around here anyway." They all agreed that they would continue on their way to Azure.
"Stop!" a mysterious team of girls exclaimed. "Naze?" they asked. "Why? Because we want your bishoujo and me and my friend here also happen to part of Team Kaze. That's why." said the girl with blue hair in two braids. "I'm Jessika," she stated. "I'm Mitsumi," the one with lavender hair and a single black braid in the center of all her hair said turning around doing a flashy Sailor Moon pose. "Atashi was Karumi, "said a girl with her hair in two odangos and light pink hair doing a James from Team Rocket pose." " And I am Sagato," a girl with short light blue hair like Rei Ayanami stated doing an Amelia from Slayers pose. "'Kay I'm Kourin," she said calmly." Hotaru," she said doing a Sailor Saturn pose. "Nika," she said just standing there." 
And I'm Kearin."
"Yeah we all know each other could you please let us leave. I really want to go to Azure. I heard that they have the best arcades there," Kourin whined. " Kourin is that you?" Mitsumi asked squinting. "Mitsu-chan is that you?" Kourin responded. " She nodded. "OMG! Look at you! You have such good taste in fashion. I know they let us design our own outfits. Isn't it cool." 
"Yeah but Mitsu-chan why did you join them?" "Mitsumi!" the blue haired girl demanded. "Gomen nasai nee-san, "Mitsumi responded. "We want your Bishoujo and Bishónen now!" the blue hair girl demanded. " Jess I don't want take my friends things." "Mitsumi I hate when you do this to me. You're just lucky you're the baby of the family or else Otou-san wouldn't even have let you onto the team." " Will you two quite fighting? They're getting away," Sagato and Kurmi stated. "K'so matte!" Jess exclaimed. They all ran to catch up to them.
"Fine!" Jess exclaimed when they caught up to them. " What?" they four responded. " We won't take your bishoujo but my sister Mitsumi wants us to battle in a fair fight." "Okay," they all agreed. "I choose you! Belldandy!" Mitsumi exclaimed. " I choose you Jessie!" Jess stated." I choose you Tomoe!" Karumi said." I choose you ! Morrgin," the final member (Sakoto) said. "'Kay go Misao, "Kourin said. " Go Dorothy!" Kearin exclaimed. " Go Naga," Nika said toneless. "Go Miaka," Hotaru said with no effort. " 
Morrgin!" I want a Morrgin!" Hotaru exclaimed. " I want to fight Kourin," Mitsumi asked her big sister. " Fine I'll take on Nika, "Jess said " I'll take on Hotaru," Sagato stated. " Then I'll take on Kearin," Kurumi stated. 
They all went into separate areas of the field.
"I didn't really want to fight you Mitsumi, but you left me with no real 
other choice." "It's okay," Mitsumi replied. " I want to see how strong you are. Now let's start. Belldandy go!" "I don't want to hurt them," Belldandy stated. " Misao go!" "I'm ready to fight!"
"You think you're Naga can defeat my Jessie?" Jess asked Nika. " I don't really know but we'll try. Go Naga!" does her laugh" Like that could really beat me." "Go Jessie!" " Well aren't you flashy, but I can do better "Jessie stated.
"Hmph! You think that a stupid little Miaka could ever defeat my powerful Morrgin. Go Morrgin!" " I'm bored. Give me someone strong to fight!" Morrgin demanded. " "kay Miaka may not be strong or smart or have any powers... but she'll try her best. Miaka go!" " I'll do my best!"
"What's that little thing from?" Kearin asked. "Kearin brought out her 
Bisho-dex. "Tomoe: From Rurouni Kenshin. Mainly in the OVAs was a critical part of Kenshin's past." "Well let's see how she can fare against Doro." 
"Let's play a little game of war," Dorothy stated. "Hmph my Tomoe has more wisdom and experience then your little Dorothy. Go Tomoe." "What do you want me to do?" she asked her owner.
"I won't hurt you," Belldandy stated." Weakling. Coward. You have no chose in this. We must fight," Misao stated." But I can't I won't hurt anything." 
"Heads up!" Misao exclaimed throwing little darts at Belldandy. Belldandy was unharmed. " Hmm. Interesting," Kourin stated. I know her weakness. "Belldandy!" she exclaimed. " Keiichi's in trouble Belldandy. Hurry he's in major trouble." "Oh poor Keiichi. I'm coming Kei," she stated. "Now Misao!" 
She threw her darts and it knocked Belldandy unconscious. "I-I won," Kourin said in shock.
Naga and Jessie were having a battle in their own unique way. 
"Ahahahahahaha! You can never out do my laugh!" Naga stated. " This is stupid. "Jessie stated. "Go Arbok! Bite her!" " Freeze arrow!" " You... you froze my Arbok!" "Ahahahahahahaha! Now it's your turn. Freeze arrow!" Jessie stood there as a frozen sculpture. "K'so you brat," Jess stated.
"Hmph you're so weak and pathetic. You make me sick," Morrgin stated. "Tamahome, help me." Suddenly from out of nowhere a Tamahome came. "Did you hurt Miaka?" he asked. Morrgin nodded" My don't you look strong?" she said coyly." take this." Tamahome threw a red ball of ki at Morrgin. The ball of ki hit her head on. She was knocked down, but then tried to pick herself back up. "Take this. Soul Fist!" "Wait!" Sagato stated. "It's unfair. You put a Bishónen in it was suppose to be one on one." "Didn't you know that one of her attacks is to summon Tamahome or any of the other seishi?" "Hmph fine." 
While the two were talking Morrgin was knock unconscious by Tamahome and Miaka regained consciousness." good bye my love," was all Tamahome said before kissing her gently on her forehead then left. "Tamahoooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"Miaka exclaimed. "It's okay," Hotaru said placing her hand on Miaka's shoulders. "He'll come back eventually." Miaka began to smile just a little bit. Dorothy drew out a tiny rapier. "Enguarde!" "I give up," Tomoe stated." I win!" Kearin exclaimed with much delight.
The four gather together again." Looks like you four have won this round but next time we won't go easy on you!" Jess stated. The four disappeared just like the Amazoness Quartet. "So what do you think about Team Kaze?" 
Kourin asked. "Strange. That's all I can say." Nika replied. "I agree," they all responded. "We're almost there so now what?" Kourin said. " All of us try for another Bishónen or Bishoujo. How does that sound?" Hotaru asked. 
"Sounds good." they wondered off of the path.
Somehow the four of them found a waterfall. There rested a heard of Heeros. Most of the were shirtless and bathing in the waterfall. Hotaru almost got a nosebleed. " I know that all of us want one. Just some more then others. So we're going to catch one huh?" Kourin asked. "Hai," they whispered to each other. "Look it's Relena!" Kourin exclaimed. All of the Heero reacted to this and it ended up in confusion. Each of them threw a Bisho-ball and each of them had a Heero. They then continued onward to Azure. They finally arrived there. "Finally we're here!" they exclaimed. "I'm hungry, "Nika stated. "I'm cold," Kearin stated. "You're always cold," they responded. "I want to stare at Heero," Hotaru stated. "So let's get a room, rest, get room 
service, and I can finally sleep!" They once again all agreed. They got 
their rooms and relaxed.

The next morning: "K'so where'd Heero go!" Hotaru exclaimed. "Crap!" Mine's missing too," Nika stated." Mine's right here!" Kearin stated. "I deposited mine in the computer yesterday. I think I put yours in there too," Kourin stated. Hotaru grabbed Kourin's collar "Get my Heero now!" she demanded. "It'd be nice if you'd get mine," Nika said. "Hai, Hai. I know." She did as was asked and got their Heeros. "We should keep moving. I mean there are only Heeros in this area." " What's wrong with Heero?" Hotaru complained. "Nothing if you want a harem of just Heero but I have a long list to complete. So does Kearin and Nika." "Fine," Hotaru replied. "We'll leave today! "Nika stated. They all agreed upon this.
To be continued...

Next Episode: Episode 3 Super Samurai. On there way to the next city they encounter a samurai Kenshin trainer named Makoto. Kourin and Hotaru can't help but stare at the Kenshin. When suddenly someone tries to steal all of the Kenshin. What will they do? Wait for Episode three of Pocket Bishoujo Special: Super Samurai