The Adventures of Ksa and Lime
(and some others)
by Ksawarrior
chapter 1: Lime's rescue. The adventure begins....

Short description: A boy and his Bishoujo travel across the world, having some abnormal adventures.

"Lunch is served!" Ksa called out.
"Itadakimasu!" his Bishoujo replied.
"Some beef steak with hot sauce, triple porportion for Lina," he said,  handing out a plate.
"Thanks!" Lina said before tearing into her food.
"Special vegeterian ramen for Rei," he put a bowl in front of her.
"Thank you," the pale girl said, as she picked up the bowl and helped herself.
"And some pickled rice for Lime." he said as he put down a bowl in front of the three Limes dancing in front of him.
"Thank you!" she glomped on him.
"No, Lime, my balance, I can't-" *CRASH!*
Lina started laughing as Lime kept apologising to him.
Things weren't always this way though.
For it began simply.

Ksa was tired. Very tired. 
He had been a wanderer for a while now. A psychologist he met said that he had problems fitting in, and he had to travel to work it out of his system.
He walked past a Bishoujo center.
He was told that maybe a Bishoujo would make him feel better, (to this, he beat up the guy while calling him a hentai) but of course, there were two problems:
1. He really had problems being friends with females.
2. He didn't know where to find one he would like.

Suddenly, he heard an explosion.
He turned, he black ponytail nearly hitting him in the face from the wind.
The cops were chasing some sort of thieves.
Small Bisho-balls were dropping out of their truck.
The cops fired a bazooka at the escaping crooks. As the back part exploded, several girls went flying in the air.
In his general direction.
His last thought they were just about to land on him was "Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?"

When he woke up, he saw a smiling nurse's face.
"Am I in the hospital?" he asked.
"No, you just have a lump on your head, nothing serious. This is a Bishoujo center. Your Bishoujo are being treated right now. We just need to sign a form, Mr.....?" 
"Ksa, it's pronounced K-S-A. And what do you mean, 'my Bishoujo'?"
"Well sir, they were all over you when during the incident in the street, and we just assumed-"
"I'm sorry," he said, getting ready to leave, "but they're not mine."
"Wait!" she said, gripping his arm. "You have to see them."
She took him to a room with a window.
"This is a two-way mirror." the nurse said. "They can't see us, but we can see them."
There were three Bishoujo on hospital beds. The first one he noticed was incredibly cute. She had long blue hair, kept partially under a yellow bandana. She wore a white short, and a black body suit underneath it that was short on the legs, and none existant on the arms. She was very happy, even if she was in a hospital.
The next one was a bit shorter, and a little.... make that a lot less 
developed than the first. Long red hair with a headband on her forehead, and one freaky costume. She seemed very pissed.
The third was, to say the least, creepy. An albino with cool red eyes. 
Compared to the activity that the others exhibited, this one was a corpse. 
Short, pale blue hair framed a pale face.
"Sir, even though they were hurt in the explosion, they tried to help you. 
That's why we thought that they were yours." the nurse said.
She indicated them in the order that he noticed them.
"Lime, Lina Inverse, and Rei Ayanami." she stated. "These Bishoujo don't have anyone else to turn to."
"Why don't you keep them?" Ksa asked. "I'm not cut out to take care of one person, let alone three!"
"Okay, okay," the nurse said.
She began talking again, but Ksa was paying attention to what went on behind her.
Some doctors were trying to force them into Bisho-balls, but they didn't want to. 
Lime was terrified in particular.
He walked out of the room, to the next room, kicked open the door, and said, "Well, we better get going."
Lime glomped him, and Rei walked up to his side.
"Well, I don't have to go with _you_, y'know..." Lina started saying.
"See ya!"

And that concludes how he met his three Bishoujo friends. However, it was only the beginning of his adventures with them.

Next chapter:(Preview)
Hey, I'm Ksa. In the next chapter, we try to get to know each other better. Sadly, we get a little lost. If that doesn't make things worse, we've got to deal with the thieves who lost Lime, Lina and Rei, who now want them back.The next chapter is called, "Hunting in the woods. Team Ksa vs. Team Hentai".
I hope that we get to see you there.

Bisho-dex entry. Today's Bishoujo:
Lime: Lime was the first of three “otome kairo” or “maiden circuit” 
marionettes (androids) to be awakened by Otaru. Out of the three, she is the most childlike and cheerful, always ready to learn something new. It is said that she is the speediest of Otaru’s marionettes. She may not be organic, but she’s one of the best bishoujos around!

CLASS: Anime/Manga, “Saber Marionette J” 
HEIGHT: 5’1” (155cm)
WEIGHT: 99 lbs. (45 kg)
STRENGTHS: Happiness, playing, curiosity, speed