Everything is Love

by ~Sam Aoshi

Disclaimer: This fanfic is done by me. ^^; It's not the best, but heck I like it and I'm damn proud! Any ways Saber Marionette J is copyrighted out of their respected owner. Thank You. ^__^ Any ways on with le fanfic, ne? Enjoy!


Isn't love what everyone wants in the world? How is it that love is and isn't real? Is it a faithful smile coming from your true loves lips... or is love a razor blade that mangles the heart right out and sections you off into little pieces? Love is indeed hard to find... The girl knew it to well.


A small priestess like girl walked down a small road in a light rain shower. The sky had turned a mourning grey, however she smiled believing that the sky said nothing.

Her lilac purple hair bounced under her tiny parasol that she carried in her small soft hands. The rain never bothered her it just always left her in endless thought.

This rain looks beautiful today... to bad Otaru-sama was to busy to come and enjoy it with me.

The skies soft dark look was endlessly showing off it's sight beauty. A cool gentle breeze flowed in the air, while the rain was comforting. The girl, Cherry, didn't feel alone.

But then again, why would she feel alone? She had mother earth protecting her; cooing her with the whispers of the wind and her children of the weather surrounding her with amazement. Who is this girl Cherry? Why is she so lonely...

Cherry couldn't help but smile. This was a day of comforting and she was enjoying every single part of it. The rain helped her calm herself of thoughts... special thoughts of her one true romance... her master Otaru.

She was in love with the man who had resurrected her from her slumber in the chambers of the dark Japoness. Cherry sighed with longing as she walked down that small road. The other marionettes would never understand the emotions she felt. No one would understand her loving emotions other then Cherry herself.

Otaru-sama... I'm in love with you. But what is love? Is it a cold stabbing feeling, or is the feeling of fantasy swarming you. Otaru teach me what love is...

The rain began to fall harder, and faster with the skies growing darker and darker by the second. Cherry sighed again, keeping her parasol level to her petite head. Cherry's long kimono was quite close to dragging to the ground.

However she didn't care. Why would she care about getting her cloths wet? It wouldn't change her now would it? Of course it wouldn't. Otaru wouldn't think of her any differently. Would he?


Otaru. She's couldn't stop thinking about Otaru.

Otaru... I want to know your true feelings for me.... Why is it I just can't tell you how I feel.... Otaru-sama....

How could Cherry not tell how Otaru how she felt? There was a main reason. If she would say it to him, what would Lime and Bloodberry think of her. They'd call her selfish wouldn't they? Selfish not to share the master equally three ways. Cherry however couldn't live her life like that. She wanted to be with Otaru and make him happy, though her competition was quite steep.

Her fellow marionettes were also in love with him. Lime had her childish charm and she was the first one to actually meet and greet Otaru face to face, so it was likely that Lime had a small advantage.

And what about Bloodberry? She had dazzling looks with her mind always finding some cute boy to mangle with her sly and seductive grins. She knew how to handle men, however she could probably never hold a steady man for as long as a few weeks. It was Bloodberry's style to flirt and dazzle a person of the male gender, then drop then instantly from they're desiring point. Typical Bloodberry.

The rain grew more steady and less violent as Cherry walked down the road. Her feelings were slowly eating her up inside, although why would a marionette solider have feelings. A marionette solider wasn't suppose to posses any means of emotion.

They were suppose to be emotionless. They were suppose to not even know what the meaning of that word 'emotion' was suppose to mean. Otaru was quite a teacher to the marionettes, Cherry was glad to have been by his side.

Cherry's heart was filled with so much hope since she met Otaru. When she'd cook for him a no complement was never needed. When Cherry would clean up after Otaru, she never wanted to be told 'thank you', she just wanted to see Otaru's innocent smile appear upon his face. The one she was in love with.

Otaru when I think of your smile... it never makes me feel lonely... you never have let me be lonely...

As Cherry continued to walk, her mind stayed twisted on her love for Otaru, it was slowly growing into utter infatuation, always wanting everything to be perfect for him. That was everything Cherry had ever hoped for, her love was slowly growing. Growing deeper with in each loving thought.

I wonder if that saying 'true love is a burden' is true? I wonder if Otaru loves me just as much as I love him...

The rain began to slowly die down; with a soft change from heavy splashes to softly gentle taps. The sky began to slowly change colours from it's former grey to a sparkling blue. Rain-droplets trickled down the top of her blank parasol. It didn't take long before the rain finally came to a calm end.

Cherry stopped walking down the small road to take a glimpse of the creation of the rain, a beautiful rainbow faded slowly into the sky. How mystical it looked from the young marionette's prospective. She smiled sweetly, for since her awakening she had never seen such an amazing sight like a rainbow. She thought of it as a gift that Otaru had given her, even if he wasn't really by her side.

That bright, cheerful smile stayed emobroded upon her face. It was one of those natural small smiles that always seemed to have filled Cherry's heart. The rain never depressed her at all, she was always smiling, even if the situation was a downer. Cherry always looked on the bright side of things even if there was a negative involved she could always seek the bright side out of things. It was in her nature.

The marionette thought more about these new feelings of love and romance. Surely she liked these new feelings that she had founded. Even so, Cherry still was only a novice to love and it's true happiness. She had some day hoped that Otaru would finally say that he loved her, then again the competition was still steep.

After one finally glance, Cherry continued down the road to her fate, to where her lover lies.

Otaru please someday... please say that you love me, and I will forever be grateful to you. Otaru please understand that these new feelings have been taking over me. Otaru....-end