A New Beginning

by Sharem

(Be kind…this is my first fanfic…^_^;;)  

It was a night like most other nights in the Tsukino household. The hour was late, and one-by-one, the family members trundled off to bed. Usagi yawned unabashedly, as she slowly made her way to her bedroom. "Good night, everyone", she offered, in a voice that revealed more fatigue than enthusiasm. "Good night, Usagi," her mother echoed from down the hall, "Have sweet dreams."

Usagi shut the bedroom door behind her, sighed lazily, and looked longingly at her bed. Suddenly, she stumbled. "Whoa!" she cried, as she struggled to regain her balance. "I must be more tired than I thought. I'm falling asleep on my feet!" She managed to giggle, in spite of herself, but the wisp of levity quickly turned to alarm, as she felt the room start to spin and sway around her.

It was as if she were being pulled in several directions at once. She vainly tried to steady herself. "Waaaahhh!!" she cried, as she was hurled across the room, "What's happening?!" She had no opportunity to cry out a second time. Suddenly she felt herself spinning through the air, enveloped in a darkness that was as absolute as it was frightening. She was paralyzed. She could neither move nor speak. After what seemed an eternity, the spinning stopped, and the darkness was broken by a soft glow in the distance.

"Where am I?" she queried in a whisper.

She reposed on a cold, rocky landscape that offered a stark contrast to the warmth and softness of the room she had just left. The nearby glow appeared to brighten. She squinted; struggling to make out the details of this dim light that was now approaching her. She gasped, as she observed two pairs of eyes amidst the curious glow that drew ever closer.

"Sailor Moon," announced a low, soft voice from the midst of the light, "We have been waiting for you..."

Usagi stared at the glow as it coalesced into two female humanoid figures. The female took a step forward, her eyes glowing yellow. "Your thoughts and dreams drew us to you, Sailor Moon," the woman replied. "I am the Guardian of Light and this is my shadow twin, the Guardian of Darkness. We need to help you to become the next Queen…"

"USAGI!! Wake up!!" cried Luna. "You’re late for a meeting at the temple."

Usagi glanced at the guardian cat with sleepy eyes and nodded absently. She quickly dressed in her normal weekend outfit and ran down the stairs, Luna riding on her shoulder. As she was about to leave the house, Mrs. Tsukino approached her odango haired daughter.

"Usagi, here’s your allowance. Don’t spend it all at the arcade this time, ok? And don’t be out too long, dear, we have a special evening planned for you for becoming 18 today," Mrs. Tsukino told the teenage girl with a big smile.

"Okay, Mom, and thanks" Usagi replied in a flat tone, not really paying too much attention to her mother as she took the allowance out of her hands and stuffed the money in her pockets. She then left the house.

After Usagi walked for a couple of blocks, Luna made her stop and sit down on a bench. "Usagi, what’s the matter? You seemed to be more zoned out than usual on a weekend. Did something happen between you and Mamoru?"

Usagi shook her head. "No, it’s nothing like that Luna. I had a strange dream before I woke up but it seemed to be very real though. There were two women in it and I was in this strange barren place. No trees, NOTHING! The lady that spoke to me first called herself the Guardian of Light and called the other women her twin and-"

"Called herself the Guardian of Darkness?" interrupted Luna and Usagi nodded in bewilderment at the cat. "We better hurry to the temple then."

After reaching the temple, Usagi told every one her dream and explained that Luna knew what she was talking about. "I guess your birthday celebrations will be put on hold for now," Rei sighed. "And we had such fun in planning what we were going to do today. So, Luna, tell us about these Guardians."

Luna nodded and began telling them of a tale of when Queen Serenity had just given birth to the Princess Serenity. There was a war in a neighboring system and the leaders of the two factions came to her to settle the dispute. The Queen didn’t know how to solve the problem and looked upon the two leaders. She sensed within them that they both were pure of heart in their beliefs and then knew what she had to do. ‘Talina, Torina, you both are good souls, yet your beliefs are tearing your world apart and it is tearing you two apart from each other. Sisters shouldn’t war with each other. Make peace with each other before you can make peace on your world.’ At that, the two leaders realized what they were doing and hugged each other like sisters should. When that happened, the Ginzuishou glowed with such a bright light that it seemed to blind everyone. When the light finally faded, the two sisters were wearing robes; Talina in white and Torina in black. ‘You two are the Guardians of Light and Darkness, the keepers of Nature’s balance. When my daughter comes of age, you both please help her become her role as the next Queen.’

Minako stared at the cat before glancing at Usagi. "You mean that our Usagi is going to be Queen today because of what Queen Serenity said? This is…just mind boggling!"

"But…but I’m not ready yet," Usagi wailed. "I want to get married to Mamoru first!"

Just then, the Ginzuishou started to shine from Usagi’s broach and bathed everyone in a warm, white light. We are here to help you become the next Queen, one voice in the light stated. And we were given the power to also make your guardian senshi stronger so they can protect you. The light continued to glow, love emanating from the silver crystal and empowering the girls and Usagi.

When the light finally faded away, Usagi was dressed as Neo-Queen Serenity and the others were now clothed in their now changed fukus. A woman clothed in a white greek like robe appeared with a woman in a black robe. "We have fulfilled your mother’s wishes, your Majesty. You are now Queen and your guardian senshi are now your Eternal Senshi. The Outer Senshi were also changed as well even though they were not here. Now that this is done, we are your loyal servants to the new Silver Millennium." And the two women bowed before Usagi.

Usagi, now Neo-Queen Serenity, placed a regal hand on the shoulders of the two Guardians. "Thank you for honoring my mother’s wishes," she replied. "And a new beginning has arrived, ne?"

Eternal Sailor Mars nodded. "Yes, it is a new beginning…" She then smiled and the other senshi smiled as well when a rainbow seemed to appear out of nowhere, signaling to them that it was indeed a new beginning for all.

The End…or is it?