::how it works::
credit for the "common terms" goes to Tokio
First of all, NO you don't have to "join" to collect Bishoujo nor do you need to "become a member"

:: How to catch a Bishoujo ::

Check the catch ‘em all! page, or the bisho-dex page to see if the Bishoujo you want to catch is listed. If not, you’ll need to submit it as a new species.

When you try to catch them you will find they left 3 clues to their whereabouts. If you can answer all 3 correctly you will have tracked your Bishoujo and will be taken to a page where you can collect your ‘captured’ Bishoujo. You can proudly display your captured Bishoujo on your website or just fill up your hard drive!

After successfully capturing a Bishoujo, you are welcome to help yourself to a Trainer’s Badge, so you can proclaim you’re a Pocket Bishoujo Trainer.

::How to submit a Bishoujo::

Go to the Submit New Species page.

Acceptable submissions: Just about any girl character can be added, but NOT homemade charas that no one would know anything about... eg. combination characters in which you have take part of one chara and mixed it with another chara. In the event several people submit the same Bishoujo around the same time, the time on the email will be used to determine who gets the credit.

:: Common Terms ::


a beautiful girl… Wild Bishoujo roam the net, just waiting to be caught and cared for. There are two categories: normal and baddies.

Bishoujo Villains:

any Bishoujo that is usually considered ‘evil’. If your Bishoujo was a series villain (even if she reformed) she is a baddie. When submitting her, please label her as such.


a small, electronic device in the shape of a ball, used to capture Bishoujo. It shrinks them and stores them inside, until you decide to summon them.


a catalog of all the Bishoujo caught so far.
Each time a new species is discovered, it becomes entered into the bishoujo-dex and is ready to be caught by anyone.


a person who catches and trains Bishoujo.
What you train them to do is your own business…