09/05/02 Ok HUGE queue updated!
Ok new bishoujo are up.......... 1st caught badges will go out soon... there are 131 NEW bishoujo this update... I don't know if I'll do this large of an update again in the near future but now you guys have lots of new Bishies to catch......

I will be doing other types of updates soon

The New Bishies are: Miku Hinasaki, Yuki Kushinada, Shana, Florina, Romani, Arle, Tira, Iry, Meryl, Samus Aran, Exchanger, Cherrybaiter, Nars, Linear Cannon, Pepper Box, Candy, Selene, May, Mia Ausa, Anna, Morri Kaho, Nozomi Harasaki, Tao, Brigit, Isabella, Sakuya, Yotsuba, Fina, Elizabeth Pendragon, Cordelia Austin, Marie Pendragon, Lina MacLorchlain, Zard, Ophelia Buckingham, Tateyabashi Miharu, Shirayuki Miho, Hinomoto Hikari, Ijuuin Mei, Kawai Rika, Makihara Yukiko, Oda Mari, Arina, Ruby, Lolita, Lady Blackpearl, Karry, Belleza, Ratchet, Aida Rion, Jounouchi Sai, Buranshe, Fujisaki Arisu, Suzuka, Shirahime, Kobayashi Hatoko, Ranga, Saitou Kaede, Seto Ringo, Ruliya, Chidori Kurumi, Linna Yamazaki, Sylia Stingray, Sakuyamon, Izumi Orimoto, Tomoko Saeki, Leona Ozaki, Mitsuki Sanada, Millie, Varie Fanel, Eries Aston, Sayla Mass, Laura, Kouran, Ayukawa Madoka, Wapiko, Myung Fan Long, Mahoro Andou, Kinoko, Hikaru Amano, Itsuki Kazamo, Izumi Maki, Minato Haruka, Yuhi Shimabara, Niea, Senoo Aiko, Molly, Chihiro Kawai, Shiina Tamai, Ai Amano, Moemi Hayakawa, Shizuka Jounouchi, Mai, Rosalie 'Ro' Rowan, Eclair Mocha, Ling-pha wong, Mylandah Arkar Walker, Lahrri Feldnant, Ijuhin Sonoko, Sailor Stewardess, Sailor Leaguer, The Firey, The Sweet, Kagura, Pixy Misa, Artena/Altena, Ramia, Reiha, Schön, Neu, Hell, Emma Peel, Maria Wong, Sharon Spitz, Jane, Brittany, Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu, Shy Violet, Tickled Pink, Lala Orange, Baby Brite, Delerium, Eliza Carthy, Maeda Ai, WilyKit, Nimai Rina, Chou, Princess Allura, Helga Geerhart, Darla, Elaine, The Borg Queen
07/20/02 We have had some downtime with our server due to their move.. i am sorry for this and thank you for your patience. Please contact me about ANY broken links on this site
04/06/02 once again I remember to write this ^_^;;

The queue is once again open... for how long I can't say for sure due to the fact that there are already some submissions ^_^;

I have moved so I am not quite AS busy but am still busier than I usually was.

There is now a way to help see that Pocket Bishoujo can go non-pop-up click on the "donate" button and you will be taken to a page that explains a coupla different ways you can help.... once enough has been collected to allow me to pay for host service... Pocket Bishoujo will go non-pop-up!

ok last but not least ..... the collectors cards are not finished I will eventually get around to doing them but now isn't the time LOL
03/08/02 More delays >.< that's the joys of moving ^_^;;; well anyways there are now 837 bishoujo on Pocket Bishoujo I know lots from me but that's to make up for the fact I'm not going to be opening the queue till I'm moved and settled into my new place. so enjoy....

Some new things yet to come are.........

  1. Anime Reviews
  2. TC updates
  3. More Trainers Badges
  4. Awards which I am severely behind on
  5. and a few other things... collectors cards are still in the works ^_^;;;

New Bishoujo = Miyamaa Mizuha, Tohru Honda, Fight Card, Din, Rachel Green, Crayna-Crayna, Queen Serenity, Pearl, Alice Nonomura, Millerna Sara Aston, Emeraldas, Kirika Yuumura, Dita Liebely, Chiana, Anita Blake, Tamayo, Annie, Mariko, Ichijo Akari, Ichino Yanagida, Rosemon, Rimururu, Alis Landale, Night Wind, Jinny Golding, Urashima Haruka, Kyoko Otonashi, Kaori Makumura, Leena Torros, Mayfair, Carmen Sandiego, Mylene Flare Jenius, Mirai Yashima, Chris Marly, Lori, R. Dorothy Wayneright, Karen, Tooru Shirou, Yakumo, Mogi Natsuki, Mint, Water Faerie, Tooth Faerie, Tatra, Tarta, Space Faerie, Soup Faerie, Snow Faerie, Shirley Temple, Negg Faerie, Mira Nova, Air Faerie, Darkness Faerie, Earth Faerie, Fire Faerie, Battle Faerie, Aska, Lady Debonair, J. K. Rowling, Audrey Rocio Ramirez, Tiara, Terakoya, Tiara Summon, Lena, Lena Summon, Helga Katrina Sinclair, Hikaru, Madame Hooch, Princess Kidagakash, Minerva McGonnagall, Kisenian, Princess Peach Toadstool, Princess Daisy, Wendy

Don't see your bishoujo here? did you answer my email? did you fill out the form completely and properly?

01/15/02 Sorry for all the delays in all the updates I keep forgetting them ^_^;;;; oh well

1. I'm back from my surgery (which went ok and thank you to all who emailed me and wished me well) things are slowly getting back on track. I have several emails to deal with so those take priority so the submissions will stay closed for a little while.

2. Contest is over, JUDGING has commenced please get your opinion to me before the counter hits 200k. Please note if you wish your vote to count you MUST vote for both a first and second place winner in BOTH age groups not just one.

3. Collectors Cards are ALMOST ready....... I'm still working on the last of them ^_^;;

4. There are now 763 Bishies to catch not including the gym leaders I hope you have fun catching them. the new bishies are: Botanica, Yzma, Aeryn Sun, Pebbles, Hermione, Devi, Lola, Ping-chan, Purrsia, Death, Jessica Calvello, Aikawa Nanase, Kelly Rowland, Daemon, Daryl, Lulu, Millie, Elena, Tio, Millenia, Takane Hibiki, Jessica De Alkirk, Uriko, Mauri, Himeko Nayotake, Nene Romenova, Rika Sasaki, Yui Kasuga, Azusa Kansai, Great Saiyaman2, Mikako Koda, Kikyou, Stashia, Rockna, Ushio Shimabara, Matsuri, Kaiga, Akane's Mom, Mia Koji, Marine, Hyperia, Amy Rose, Sally, Chiko, The Silent Card, The Song, The Rain, Kuraya, Domino, Cologne, Azusa Shiratori, LinLin and RanRan, Lychee, Monron, Miruru

11/20/01 yes they are open! sorry for the delay in writing to tell you all :) I was away for about a week after I did the last update so I left it closed so I didn't come back to a TON of emails to go through... I've received a number of emails including some submissions since I opened the queue and I have yet to go through them but I will and if I have any problems with your submission you will hear from me...

Also there are some new kawaii items for sale in the PB Online Store right in time for Christmas so I hope you all get a chance to take a peek I believe there are some promotions going on along with the sales...

And last but not least for this update I get the pleasure of telling you all we are broaching the 175k mark soon so the Mystery Bishie-Balls have returned for a 3rd time (yes I have emails of those to go through too) as well as a place to leave your marks to say you were here... (yes some of those to go up too)

I have a whole bunch of TC apps to go through so please don't think I'm ignoring you if you haven't heard back from me I've just been rather busy lately. As well as a few 175k contest entries to post and a few other things....

The Collectors Cards are coming soon please don't think I've forgotten about them ^_~
10/23/01 Some Updates for you:

1. You may notice a new layout and appearance to the site :) I thought it was time for a change :) if there are any problems please report them... I have a # to take care of right now that have been on hold while I finished up the update. They will be done in the next couple of days.

2. Masters Badges are still slowly being made... I'm sorry for the delay... I've got a LOT on my plate right now

3. Collectors Cards! Watch for them! They'll be coming to a Pocket Bishoujo Main Site near you ^_~ These cards will be a collectors item for you to collect but I must say now that they won't be around long and they won't be something you can just save off of someone else's site as you put your name on them before you put them on your server :) any cards found off of the Bishoujo Main Homepage without names will be invalid :) See how many you can collect :)

4. I have a bunch of things to catch up on so the queue will remain closed for a few days so I can do those items.

5. and last but not least for now the part you all want to know about :)
there are now 706 bishoujo on the site the following were added in this update - Michelle Williams, West Wind, Sarasa, Piale, Tsunami, Relm Arrowny , "Major" Motoko Kusanagi, Lupiko, The Water, Mystina, Eris, Gilda, Chibi-Jess, Rikku, Meifong Li, Mai Kuju, Spark Girl, Anne Robinson, Kazuhi Hikura, Reiko Asagiri, Primera, Marlene, Ayumi Hamasaki, Masuda Chiho, Pepper Mills, Shiratori Yukina, Shinobu Miyake, Gaz, Yuki, Amuro Keiko, Dakki, Freya, Momo, Ayla Roznovsky, Calica, Yomiko Readman, Juliana, Tifa Addil, Malon, Nakoruru, Buttercup, Uikasaman, Doburin, Soiyaa, Darla Dimple, Deunan Knute, Hermione Granger, Natsuki Sasahara, Saberdoll Luchs, Saberdoll Panther, Saberdoll Tiger, Sexadoll Edge, Sakura , Shugogetten Shaolin , The Bubbles Card, The Twin Card, The Shot Card, The Mirror Card, The Flower Card, Naomi and Wynonna Judd
10/10/01 sorry for the language peeps I was a bit mad to find this page I put a lot of hard work into Pocket Bishoujo so find that site made me a bit mad (to say the least) the replacements and new badges will continue to be issued please keep your eyes open :)
10/09/01 just when I think people couldn't sink any lower along comes "Afree Baltes", a conniving SOB who decided he/she needed to copy my bisho-dex pages and link them directly to the final caught pages on my server... THEN they go and complain about my security... well it's people like this who cause security to get tighter. thanx to this SOB rather than work on the update for all you wonderful people who are honest I have to rename all the files and edit html files! and no I won't divulge the site's name or it's URL. I am also going to be sending out new master's badges to replace the old ones I'd like them to be replaced on sites.... This person posted masters badge templates which will no longer be valid as the new ones to come out this week will replace the old ones... if you are a master at any level please watch for them and if you haven't seen yours by the end of next week (Oct 19th) please contact me to find out whats up :)

Also for the next coupla days if you come across 404 catch/caught pages give it 4 mins and try again before sending a problem report I have to delete files and replace them with new ones. so small groups of them will be down at a time

LSS >:|
10/08/01 Okies hope you all like the new look :) I decided it was time.. TTYL
10/05/01 ok submissions are open although we haven't moved "home" cause our "home" permanently is shut down due to ISP problems :( so if you guys would REALLY like to see PB-ujo move back to non-popup server please I encourage you to visit the online store and get something so I can afford to put us on a paid server :)

Anyways one final note please watch the quality of the images you guys are sending :)

08/23/01 hi everyone I've had a bad few days here.... you'll notice we've moved to a temporary server... the reason is that the server that PB is usually located on is in the middle of moving from one side of the country to the other so the server is down... they guesstimate about a month.... oh well we can suffer for a coupla weeks..... we'll be moving back to the other server once it's back up and running...

ok now on to PB stuff........ first the update of submissions was done.. I don't presently have a list handy as to what the characters are but there were 56 new charas added... THE FIRST CAUGHT BADGES WILL BE SENT OUT SOON I PROMISE.... I had to format my hard drive so I've been REALLY busy

now for some bad news :( I backed up my emails but.... the email program (even though it's the same program and version etc.) isn't recognizing them being there so I've lost ALL the email I had everything. so please if you've done ANY of the following:
-filled out a problem form that didn't get fixed.
-filled out a voters form for the 80k contest
-sent in fixups that haven't been put up
-sent in corrections to your submission that went up
-filled out the questionnaire for the 100k contest
-applied for the trainers club and haven't received your tc badge or been added to the tc list
-Applied for ANY master's badge (supreme etc) and haven't gotten their badge or added to the masters lists
-played the "whos eyes" game
-applied for an award for july or august or gave an award
-submitted a fanart or fanfiction
-or just sent a "contact LSS" email
in the last month that didn't get answered PLEASE resend it

thanx for your time people and your patience
07/25/01 first Submissions are open - note to those 4 people who sent me bishoujo while the queue was still close (you know who you are) PLEASE don't send when the sign says CLOSED!!!!! your submissions were deleted because of it. note to all users unable to use the form PLEASE use the text file link on the submissions page I will NOT be accepting any that aren't in either the txt file format or the form... thankyou


second AOL users please don't bother witht he forms I've been getting lots of empty emails lately and thats usually what happens when you use a form... the submissions area has a text file you can copy paste into an email but the other areas please just send te required info I will be putting up txt files of those areas soon too


and third and finally a virus has been going around.. I haven't gotten it cause I haven't opened the attachments but some of you do because I've gotten the email from you... please read the following and download the virus removal program to rid your systems of it...

07/19/01 First of all welcome to any new members :) I hope you have all been enjoying the new things I've been throwing on the site... Here's the lowdown :)

1. We now have 590 Bishoujo!
2. I added a LOT more trainers but please read the newsflash on the site
3. Contest Voting is happening please visit the page and cast your vote :)
4. 100k is creeping up on us and so there are 100k celebrations in happenings :) including the ever popular mystery bishoballs returning for a second time and also a "Leave Your Mark" page and new this time is a questionnaire so I can get an idea of the wonderful people who make this site what it is...
5. some new trainers in the club..
6. June awards have been issued
7. another batch of upgrades to the catch pages please report ANY broken image links to me using the Problem Report Form or an email with all the PRF info that is asked for.

I Have the following to do:
1. a few fanarts to add
2. Some trainers badges to add
3. Will be putting up new posties pics and maybe new midis to match we'll see ^_^
4. Change the B.o.t.M.

I will be opening the submissions likely on Sunday I need a little break :)
05/29/01 Hi everyone :) Well another update done and up, I'm still working on the following:

*Battlezone Update
*New Gym
*Trainer's Club

1. ok first of all I'm still getting poor images continually so from now on I'm not even going to ask for new images so PLEASE make sure the images are clean and Clear!

2. Submissions Queue is staying closed for a couple of more days so I can catch up and add the new gym....

3. As for when they open (especially attentioned to AOL users) there is a txt file for you to use if you cannot use the mailing form you just copy and paste the contents of the txt file into your emailer and fill in the info. PLEASE make sure the handle you use is at the TOP of your email if you don't and I don't notice it at the bottom the name in your email will be who the character is credited to.

4. New Characters bring us to a total of 542 characters, the new bishoujo are: Lillymon, Ikuko Tsukino, Princess Tekla, Officer Jenny, Chrys, Kagamiko, Makino Tsukushi , Birdy, Yukino, Cornet, Christine Daae, Fatora, The Void, Harada Risa, Lilka Eleniak, Sailor Phobios and Demios, Excel, Tiffany Grant, Kendappa, Buffy Summers, Bubbles, Utako Ohkawa, Priss Asagiri , Anna Respighi, Zev, Morisato Megumi, Arcee, Cleo Everlasting, Nene Romanova, Oosugi Suzuno, Polly Esther, Sakuma Suzu, Inaho Hitomebore, Steff, Ayla, Marie Eleonor Serneholt, Blossom, Zelda, Voogie, Tachibana Shiori, Rebecca, MerryBell, Midi, Yura of the Hair, Tomoe Midou, Dominique The Cyclops, Mature, Arukenimon/Arachnimon, Cruella DeVil, Matori, Nataku, Quess Paraya, Mara

If you don't see your character here you didn't reply to my email before the queue closed or I didn't receive it.

5. Also we have joined the Anime Pitstop Top 100 list please vote when you come to this site heck you really like Pocket Bishoujo please vote every time you come :)
05-08-01 A couple a cool changes :) one is the style of the borders around the dex and caught images changed with the 50k mark I decided it would be neat to do this :). Also starting in late april I am going to be putting up a small gallery of images for the Bishoujo of the month (usually 2 charas) it will only be available during that month then that particular gallery will be taken down and the following month's will be put up shortly thereafter. The results of the 40K coloring contest were posted I must say the competition was VERY close :) congrats to all the winners.

A ever changing Poll is still being taken and for the next couple of polls it will all be about what new things you'd like to see happen at the Pocket Bishoujo site. If you have not already taken part in these polls I urge you to so I can see what you the visitor would like to see... These polls do NOT mean the ideas WILL happen it's only to give me an idea of what I MIGHT add :)

Thanks to anyone who took part in the 40 K Celebration it was fun and I enjoyed it :) the mystery bisho-balls have been removed from the server like I said they would be on the page so I hope you all had a chance to save and upload them to your own servers. We will likely be doing this again down the road so don't worry you'll get another chance to participate.

The Presently dormant Battlezone will be suspended (CLOSED) until Jan 1 2002 if it continues to be unused it is currently a waste of Server Space, if there has been no battles between now and June 1st 2001 I will Close the Battlezone doors and will ATTEMPT to reintroduce the battlezone in January of 2002, current registered who HAVE battled and HAVE experience points will NOT lose those points during the suspension, others who have not battled will have to re-register!

And Now for the Part you all really wanna know LOL....
I am backlogged in the following areas:
-Master's and Grand Master's Badges
-The Trainer's Club applications
-Fanart (though I'd love to see some more as well as some more Fanfics)
-Problem reports... the only ones I've been able to get done are the broken links....)

We are now having 488 Bishoujo available for capture. the new bishies are....The Power, Myu-Myu, Mima Kirigoe, Smurfette, Koalla Suu, Raven, Pandora, Duplica, Ruriko Ikusawa, Kanzaki Sumire, Millie Thompson, Akari Kanzaki , Björk, Cecilia Lynne Adlehyde, Junko, Jill Valentine, Eiko Carol, Tori Amos, Zoe, Raven/Nicole Ginn, Domino, Alielle Relrye, Dot Matrix, Makino Ruki, Saria, Queen Amidala, Harada Riku, Jean , Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes, Naomi Armitage, Tsubame Otori, Faris Scherwiz, Feral, shehulk, Nausicaä, Akizuki Meiko, Aya Mikage, Terra Branford, Caldina, babydoll, Toilet Yamiko, Seripa, Beatrix, Utahimee, Pearl Forrester, Jen, Fujin, Harle, Yohko

If you do NOT see your bishoujo on this list there may have been a number of reasons, poor images, no info arrived, already in the dex, or you sent your bishie in AFTER the submissions closed cause I did get a couple after... Which of course you all know I will delete these with no response. Also unless you contact me before hand to state WHY you are submitting 2 bishies in one submission form I will NOT accept them, not to say I will accept them together in one even if you do get a hold of me you MUST prove your case as to why they cannot be seperated into 2 individual submissions in two seperate queues, and even then I have final say!

Anyways enough of my long-winded-ness enjoy the new bishies and keep on catching :)
04/12/01 You guys have been wonderfully patient with me in this las couple of weeks I only got one "when will you be open again" message and I truly did appreciate that! anyways Submissions are reopened and I'm doing some minor updates eg. March Awards, new badges, fixups, and such. Thanx to everyone who has voted so far please if you haven't voted please feel free to go and vote we have a couple of entries pretty much battling out for first place they keep going back and forth ^_^

anyways I have made up my mind about prizes and the way it'll work is the person who wins first place will chose 1st then the person who wins second place will pick out of the remaining 2 things and the person in third will get the last thing of the 3
be forewarned if you don't desire to give me your snail mail and you are one of these three winners you will forfit your prize to the fourth place winner and so on.... I guarantee I will not give out addresses and will promptly "lose" them once your prize has been mailed to you and you have confirmed that you have recieved it.

anyways ttyl
03/19/01 just a quick hello ^_^ we upgraded the site to the NameZero's Plus service so as you'll notice that annoying bar at the bottom of the screen is gone ^_^. As well the reason for no pop-ups is thanx to our good friend Sharem who has been so sweet in lending us some of her space temporarily until out new home is ready ^_^
03/14/01 Hi everyone thanks sooooo much for the large counter we presently are maintaining your enthusiasm towards the site is wonderful.

ok as for updates here goes........... (warning I'm little long winded today)

1. We currently have 440 Bishoujo to catch 48 of which are new characters this update
the new characters are: Lemnear, Lemina, Ai, Aisha, Motoko, Marie Karigari, Mane Mane Girl, Mama Kitty, Mimi Kitty, Megumi Ogata, Mikuuji, Aya Brea, Alcyone, Bra, Deedlit, Chisato Madison, Queen Diva, Fam, Toilet Hanako, Hello Kitty, Hibari, Kaoruko Tachibana, Kiki, Konno Mitsune, Konoko, Lala, Hilde Schbieker, Nakuru Akizuki, Selphie, Ryoko, Princess Ruto, Uchouten, Sanjou Tsubame, ReiRei, Remmy, Elektra, The Other Girl, Orlha, Ocarina, Noelle, Nijana / Oniwabandana, Nefer-tina, Tsujimoto Natsumi, Shichigusa Nanako, Rutee, The Little, Lenneth Valkyrie, Tokimi

if you do not see your character on this list and had submitted it in this last update queue there are a number of reasons why it may not be there. a few are: poor images, not responding to emails, character already on the dex. The main reason for a lot that were submitted were not added was image quality which I'm gonna get a LOT pickier about.

2. also added (and to be added) are:

  • 12 badges (5 more to be added)
  • 2 new judges in the battlezone and a LOT of new trainers registered
  • 3 new contest entries
  • 6 new fanarts
  • still to be added are a number of masters and grand masters
  • bishodex program files will be updated in the next couple of weeks

3. ok now for some information I need to say....

*First regards to the Battle Zone... I'm sad to see that soo many people were interested in the battlezone when I posted a survey but since the battlezone has opened there has only been about 3 battles.. if this keeps up I'm likely gonna remove the battlezone, which I don't really want to do due to the amount of work it took to put it together... if this happens however I will reintroduce it a few months later and see what kind of response I get from it.
*Second has to do with Images... I must really get strict about this, I see SOOO many poor images get submitted with submissions but when for the heck of it I go image hunting I can find ones a LOT clearer and nicer for those pics in less than 10 minutes. PLEASE I implore you spend the time to find nice images, from here on out I will give ONE email request to find a new image if I don't feel the image is up to the standards that it should be, you will have THREE days to contact me regarding this and then it will be deleted. Also do NOT think it is ok to send me pics of a character that is NOT the one you submitted cause it's what they woulda looked like, if the image isn't the character, then I won't accept it...
*Third regards the "SHORT" biographies... when I say short I mean it... in this last update I received a few that were by no means defined as "SHORT" when I say short I mean a MAXIMUM of 200 characters NOT AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY!!!! I DON"T need a 3 or 4 paragraph biography just 2 or 3 sentences quickly describing the character. Thankyou
*Fourth regards the submision queue... It's gonna stay closed till I return in April I need a break and a chance to catch up... you can still send in fanart, fanfics, badges and whatnot but I won't be accepting any submissions till mid April or so

4. One last thing before I sign off here.... for those of you who showed interest in the webhosting that I offer.... Thankyou for showing that interest I must remind you though if your site remains un-built for too long the server will delete it. I have no control over this but I felt it fair to warn you

Well thanx for reading to the end ^_^ talk to you soon ^_^


03/11/01 hi everyone ^_^

yeah yeah I know the site update is taking a long time *^_^* it has to do with lack of motivation and time ^^ but here's what I've gotten done so far

1. a whack of new Battle Zone trainers added ....... Please note: i will NOT be accepting anymore registrations for the battlezone until the Battlezone starts BEING USED! it is ver close to being taken down due to lack of use even though a LOT of people showed interest in it to begin with

2. new members for the clique have been added as well

There are changes currently happening in the Catch'em area of the site please bare with me as I make these changes

Ok I'm about 3/4 done the current submissions they should (hopefully) be up in the next 3-4 days I'll will keep you guys up to date on that one LOL

02/28/01 ish lol

submissions are closed and shall remain closed until I return in April.... sorry folks I need a break ^_^

#1. Hi everyone well I've finally finished the character update, I have to redo the badge section and the have to post the fanart and stuff so I'm gonna leave the queue closed probably for another couple of days so I can catch up ^_^ 1st Caught badges will be emailed out by the end of the week ^^

#2. Pocket Bishoujo has started to offer webhosting services.. as well as of course the URL and Email Redirection services.... Please visit the "Hosting & Redirection Services" Section in the top menu for more info ^^

#3. As you may have noticed I increased the queue # to 40 so I'm not gonna be updating as frequently ^_^

#4. There will be an ongoing coloring (maybe drawing too I haven't decided yet) contest that will run for every 10K on the counter feel free to join in whenever you wanna ^_^

#5. New Bishies are as follows: Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, Catherine Bloom, Miz Mishtal, Paresu, Asahina Mutsuki, Faye Valentine, Afurido, Koishikawa Miki, Hikaru Hiyama , Afura Mann, Madoka Ayukawa, Naru Narusegawa, Maya Ibuki, Doris Rumm, Tanima Yuri / Angel Lily, Rio Hinayama , Aya-chan Fujimiya, Scarlett O'Hara/Angel Salvia, Garnet Til Alexandros, Quistis, Rosa Farrel, Lucia, Talia Winters, Dr. Andrea, Meggan, Megumi Hayashibara, Tiffany, Midii Une, Mariemeia Khushrenada, Nova, Sora, Miyamoto, Sukaa/Scar, Kanoe, Yugi, Sizer, Lady Death, Black Cat bringing us to a total of 392 bishies ^_^

Thanx for your support on the PB site

01/12/01 ok now that my email is set up properly the queue is now open I will finish this update in the next few days ^_^
01/11/01 Submissions will open soon sorry I want to get the PC switch done so I don't lose any of those submissions

#1. Ok announcements.... first I'm sure most of you have noticed I have switched to EGroups for the mailing list... this is not a discussion mailing list only I will be able to post to it due to the fact the only purpose this mailing list holds is to be informed of new things on the site.

#2. Another thing is that the battle zone has had a couple of changes those who are already registered have heard about them but those who aren't likely haven't I won't go into detail as you can find the info in the battlezone... the Sample Battle page is temporarily down due to changes that need to be made... there will also be a new bishoujo notebook very soon I just need to upload it. >.< also anyone who previously downloaded it will need to redownload it and redo their bishies.

#3. Many Bishoujo have had their Bisho-Dex images redone thanx to the help of ~Sam Aoshi, I plan to now become much stricter about the images I accept I will NOT accept blurry, pixilated, stretched, too dark, or too light images and a few other things that are not acceptable.. I know it is possible to find good pics cause for number of the ones I helped find took less than 20 minutes.

#4. MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY thanx go out to Juenger1701 for his time and patience in creating a number of fine programs for us to enjoy, one being the notebook for those who fight their bishies and also a standard Bisho-dex and a visual bisho-dex that will be released within this week. he is currently doing what he can to try and modify the Bishoujo Battle Home Version to match the battlezone so that will be out down the road this will take time so lets share our patience with him ^_^

#5. We've had our first battles and I'm happy to say they turned out well! Congrats to the winners of those battles and I encourage anyone else to come out and play ^_^

#6. I have had a # of people demand their "1st caught" badges within 12-24 hours of the update mailout sometimes less.... I must request of you PLEASE give me at least 48 hours before emailing me and asking for the badge. In most cases I make the badges after the update has been released due to the fact of how long and hard I work on an update. the 1st caught badges are the last in my list of todo's

#7. ok this is the last time I'm gonna say it to anyone so I'm gonna say it here ^_^ PLEASE do NOT send submissions after the queue closes, one I won't accept them and two it'll disqualify you from winning any awards from my site.......

#8. Ok we have new badges, and fanart which I will get up as soon as possible I'm in the middle of a pc switch right now so I am crunched for time I just wanted to get the update done ^_^ ok so we have 36 new bishoujos they are: Jiyu Nanohana, Videl, Suzuka, Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Miyako/Yolei Inoue, San, Hikari Ono, TV Rune Venus, Psylocke, Delen, Elhaym Van Houten (Elly), Jessica Rabbit, Hanasaki Momoko / Wedding Peach, Queen Tahamiine, Pyocola Analogue III, Precis F. Neuuman, Ayako, Sophie Stanislovskievna Somorkov-Smirnoff, Anastasia, The Dowager Empress Marie , Presea, Angewomon, Syphiel Nels Lahda, Oruha, Meiran Chang, Lum, Erika, Marron, Toto, Yuki, Kusakabe Maron, Petit Charat, Poison Ivy, Feena, Urd, Royce

12/30/00 Hi there everyone... well the battle zone is up for pre-registration and the first battle room will open January 1st however the others won't open until we have some judges signed up to referee the other areas. In the area right now is:
*How the Battle System works (with a couple of minor changes to the system you might want to read this if you are interested in the battlezone
*The Sample Battle
*A Place to sign up to be a referee
*A calendar of times
*Registered Trainers and Bishies list
*Pre-registration form
*A Message board called the Battle Zone Forum
*and of course for those who have unanswered questions about the system an FAQ

Well thats it for now ^_^ Have a Happy New Year

12/29/00 Submissions are now open again!

#1. Well the Battle System passed it's poll and will be implemented it will just take a while to put together.. there will be a mailout about it when it is added keep watch for it ^_~

#2. Thanx everyone SOOO much for your devotion to this site we have now well cleared the 20,000 mark and growing everyday ^_^ when I started this site I never in my wildest dreams it would become this popular.

#3. again a reminder that multiple submissions and submissions after the queue closes will be deleted without notice ^_^ if you don't see your chara in the next update either you submitted too many, or too late or someone beat you to it. Also if you select "send images by email" in the submission form I remind you you have 24hours to send the images or the submission will be deleted

#4. another request to all submitters.... PLEASE I need stats even if it's only one I will no longer accept submissions if I don't receive at least one stat. as well I will no longer be accepting submissions of charas who have no bio. Speaking of Bios PLEASE keep it short within 60 or so words I DON'T need an autobiography of the character.

#5. Now added to the site is a message-board for anyone who wants to leave a message regarding trainers forum stuff example trading bishies etc. however I ask that long strings of messages that are conversations between only a couple trainers be left to email only.

#6. also due to a rather rude email I got I must clarify that I don't /promise/ anyone anything regarding this site.. I especially don't promise to put specific characters up!

#7. 4 new badges, several new fanarts, a new fanfic, and 31 new bishoujo: Ihadurca, Princess Elina, Ruby Moon, Lady Eboshi, Harley Quinn, Martina, Blackarachnia, Kodachi Kuno, Miki, Momiji Fujimiya, Kei, Hinoto, Iwakura Lain, Lucca, Noa, Hikari Horaki, Schala Zeal, Rune Venus, Tamano Hinagiku / Angel Daisy, Shusuren, Princess Emeraude, Gillian Leigh Anderson, Byakko Seishi Subaru, Haruko Akagi, BB Hood, Akane Aikawa, Faye Wong, Ceres, Miyu, Manami Kusonoki, DiGi Charat / Dojiko

12/19/00 Submissions are closed!

The Pocket Bishoujo Battle System had a positive response of approx 70% so this system will be implemented... it won't be RIGHT away but it will be very soon. thankyou for you votes ^_^


#1. *NEW* Backgrounds now available to choose from for those wanting to make a display page of their own for their badges!

#2. *NEW* URL and E-Mail redirection services available please check them out ^_^

#3. *NEW* the Friends of Fanartists clique has now been added to the site... check it out it's run by a couple close friends of mine ^_^

#4. There will be some restructuring of the menu very soon so watch for it everything will still be available just not exactly where it is now....

#5. There will be /no/ notice about submissions being deleted for either being sent while the queue is closed, not receiving images within 24hours, or receiving multiple submissions from one person....

#6. *IMPORTANT* As of January 1st 2001 just after the clock changes to the new year... http://pocketbishoujo.mainpage.net will no longer work... if you have a site that uses this url please change it to http://www.pocketbishoujo.com

#7. More New Fics, a bunch of New Badges, New bishoujo are Yamato (Cassidy), Taeko Adachi, Storm / Ororo Munroe, Rabi en Rose, P-ko, Q-ko, Pixie, Kasumi Tendou, Kakurine, Suu, Nanaka Nakatomi, Tron Bonne, Miyazawa Yukino, Wendy, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th (Ed), Yumi Kamagata, Eriya and Naria, Funaho, Susan Ivanova, Nanami Jinnai, Katy, Enju, Cornet, Kaori Yanase, Alice Sakaguchi, Beverly Crusher, Ezri Dax, Guinan, Kathryn Janeway, Jadzia Dax, Kes, Kira Nerys, B'Elanna Torres, Deanna Troi, Natasha "Tasha" Yar, Uhura bringing the total Bishies to 287

12/02/00 Submissions are closed
11/25/00 Submissions open again as well as....

#1. *NEW* I will be setting up a page on the P.B. site by the time the queue next closes ^_^ (keep an eye out) sorta like a small clique for those who have webpages with pages devoted to Pocket Bishoujo.. there will be minimums and such, as well as a form to fill out to join so don't start sending me your URLs just yet ^_^

#2. *NEW* ALL Submissions must now be made by the form that will be available when the queue is open.... the only thing I'm still playing with is the images file submission.... so for now you either give URLs for the images or you send the images separately ^_^ exception made ONLY if you contact me before you send in your submission stating exactly why you cannot use the form.

#3. BTW peeps I am still receiving submissions once I've closed the queue from here on out, I will NOT be informing people that the submission is being deleted... consider yourselves warned ^_^

#4. In this update I have included 4 new fanarts, 1 new fanfic, 2 new badges, 1 new webring logo, & 4 new bishoujo masters.

#5. 28 new bishoujos bringing us to a total of 249 species... ^_^ The new bishoujo are: Fuuko Kirisawa, Mokuren, Sae Sawanoguchi, Sango, Kirishima Kanna, Merle, Ranma Saotome, Jeanne, Misaki, Rei Asaka, Amelia Wil Tesla Sairoon, Ashura, Genkai, Nancy Takaishi/Natsuko Takaishi, Yumi, Nao Takagi, Rydia, Rena Lanford, Cham-Cham, Marle, Nanami, Yuffie Kisaragi, Sakura Kasugano, Lara Croft, Miki, Seven of Nine, Takatsuki Shiori, AndrAIa, Serena Schezar

Katy - ?
*these queued characters will be held for one week then will be deleted*

11/12/00 Submissions Closed
11/03/00 Submissions open again

#1. *NEW* The Pocket Bishoujo site now offers awards 2 to be exact... check them out!

#2. Also Regarding my Poll about the crossout script.. the majority ruled I shall keep it.. Keep going to the poll though I will always be changing it for a new question...

#3. *IMPORTANT* PLEASE I Beseech you guys.. those of you who submit make sure you read the submission page, most importantly one particular thing in which a number of people keep ignoring, ONLY 1 submission per person per queue! I will determine which to keep by date and time ALL others from the same person will be deleted without notice.. If you want to submit more characters you have to wait till the next submission queue is open at which time you can submit ONE more, then you have to wait for the next update to be completed before submitting 1 again.. I will not be accepting multiple submissions any more

#4. *IMPORTANT* Starting the queue AFTER this one ALL submissions will be submitted by form so that I know I get ALL info needed.... please watch for the announcement!

#5. There are 34 new bishoujos bringing the total of the bisho-dex to 222. the new charas are: Kanami Izaki, Reika Ayanakouji, Rie Shibusawa, Saori Tachibana, Nadesiko Kinomoto, Li Meilin/Meilin Rae, Rishu, Sally Po, Yukimura Keiko, Hoshino Ruri, Luna Inverse, Nabiki Tendo, Hokuto Sumeragi, Pharagese, Maria Tachibana, Kaoru Kozue, Himemiya Anshi, Kagero, Gally/Alita, Mimi Tachikawa, Evil Lunch, You Houki, Hitomi Kanzaki, Mai Shiranui, Ultimecia, Celes Chere, Kyoko Minazuki, Akira Kazama, Tiffany Lords, Rika, Tillis, Luna, Coldfire, Lucy

#6. We also have 5 new badges, and one new fanart...

#7. I encourage you all to try your hand at the gyms we so far only have 8 gym masters and I'd love to see more ^_^

10/26/00 *NEW* Pocket Bishoujo Gym! - Become a PB Master!
10/25/00 Submissions are now open again ^_^

#1. coming VERY soon: you will be able to become "pocket bishoujo master"s! soon to be added are 8 gyms each with a leader who will quiz you on themselves... once you have beaten each of these characters you are welcome to let me know through the "masters" page at the end of the gyms and I will make a badge ^_^

#2. Now it is possible to make the site look better, due to influence from the Pocket Bishonen and seeing some not so great images you can now help fix that problem go check it out if you are interested

#3. Thanks for your guy's enthusiasm this site is now well over 8000 visitors and climbing each day ^_^ I have to thank you all for this!!

#4. We now have 188 bishoujo, 30 new ones this time they are: Lady Silver Senshi, Hexadecimal, Misumaru Yurika, Seiryuu Seishi Soi, Iria Klein, Jessie, Shihoko Sakaki, Rinoa Heartilly, Rogue, Kakyuu, Peorth, Sora Takenouchi, Hinata Wakana, Belldandy, Ukyo, Aika Sumeragi, Tomoyo Daidouji/Madison Taylor, Natsu Ayuhara, Dorothy Catalonia, Relena Darlian/Peacecraft, Akane Tendou, Lord of Nightmares, Celine Jules, Hikari Kamiya, Lotte, Shinohara Wakaba, Jessica Alba, Miaka Yuuki, Megumi Takani, Botan

#5. We also have 6 new badges

Thanks again to all those who took the time to submit and keep this site growing ^_^

10/18/00 Submissions Closed
10/09/00 Submissions are now open again ^_^

Sorry for the delay in getting this up and running again...

#1. I am not perfect and I make some mistakes I try not to focus on just Manga or just Anime info about charas I've submitted although I don't always know about info the character possesses in one or the other and I won't change something to be just one or the other ^_^.

#2. I did ask people not to use the bg from my site for a couple of reasons so I might as well explain them now... One reason is that I didn't draw this bg my friend Sydney did... Second reason we both would like this image to stay unique to the Pocket Bishoujo site... For those who need nice bgs for their sites just e-mail me and I'll send you a couple of web graphics sites that have nice bg images that you can use...

#3. Fanarts are now accepted... I was asked by someone if I accepted fanarts since I didn't have a section for them... I was waiting for someone to take the initiative to ask about a fanart section cause I didn't want it to sit their dormant while I started this site

#4. We have now hit our first 5000 visitors and have won an award because of it ^_^ Thankyou Spotfish.

#5. Note to all submitters, ALL information must be present including whether or not the chara is a good or bad character. If the info is not present when I read the submission it will not be kept and I won't send an e-mail to ask which it is, I had to do this very thing with too many of this times submissions which is part of the reason this update took so long, so remember to include all info please.

#6. We now have 159 Bishoujo our new Bishoujos are: Kotori Monou, Satsuki Yatouji, Alicia Silverstone, Christie Brinkley, Christina Applegate, Drew Barrymore, Geena Davis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Kate Elizabeth Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Rosie O'Donnell, Sandra Bullock, Uma Karuna Thurman, Brandy, Britney Jean Spears, Mouse, Sana Kurata, Pirotess, Alexiel, Kurai, Mad Hatter, Sou Yuiren, Fushigi Yuugi, Lady Kayura, Sakura Kinomoto/Sakura Avalon, Asuka S. Langley, Kiryuu Nanami, Misato Katsuragi, Nina, Naaga, Bulma, Sailor Aluminum Siren, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, Kokubo Karin/Kassie Carlin, Ryuzaki Umi, Meg the Trickster, Princess Flute , Lady Une, Opera Vectra, Etoile, Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray

Thanks again to all those who took the time to submit and keep this site growing ^_^

09/27/00 Submissions are closed
I will update when I get back from my trip at the end of the first week of October
09/22/00 Sorry for the delay folks my server was doing upgrades yesterday so I couldn't upload yesterday >.<

#1. I will be going away in the first week of October so any species submitted before I leave may be delayed in being added... I will close the submission queue before I leave so I won't come home to a HUGE mailbox full of submissions and when I do come home the submissions I did receive before I left will get done...

#2. We have added a chat room to the site it's java so those able to use java are welcome to use it ^_^

#3. thankyou to all of you who pointed out small mistakes that needed to be fixed I have done my best to make sure that they have been fixed ^_^

#4. We now have 20 new badges thankyou to those who have submitted badges and 33 new Bishoujo bringing us to a total of 117 species the new characters are: Nehelenia, Kaolinite, Mistress 9, Eudial, Mimete, Tellu, Lead Crow, Esmeroode (Emerald), Galaxia, Iron Mouse, Tin Nyanko (Tin Cat), Viluy, Cyprine and Ptitol, Ifurita, TV Ifurita, Elisa Maza, Lucrezia Noin, Skuld, Hikaru Shidou, Kaoru Kamiya, Makimachi Misao, Kiddo, Yukina, Gelidus Tallinu, Grandis Granva, Ellone, Son Pan, Lime, Dorothy, Arisugawa Juri, Ayanami Rei, Koume, Yui Hongo
09/16/00 Submissions are now closed...
We also now have a chatroom! thanx given to Spotfish for directing me to the server ^_^
09/13/00 Submissions now reopened. New bishoujo : Beruche (Birdie), Black Lady, Cooan (Catsy), Petz (Prisma), Queen Helena, Juuhachigou (#18), Sawyer, Sharem MaTen, Sydney Rhudy, Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter, Taiki Kou/Sailor Star Maker, Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer, Arashi Kishu, Yuzuriha Nekoi, Karen Kasumi, Chi-Chi, Yanagi Sakoshita, Kagome Higurashi, Ririka Moriya, Shampoo, Tomoe Yukishiro, Utena Tenjou, Lina Inverse, ann, Karaberas (Avery), Queen Beryl more to follow in the next couple of days.
09/12/00 Submissions closed
09/11/00 New Background courtesy of Sydney as well as Submissions are still open but we have added Nuku Nuku from Bannou Bunka NekoMasume, Comet, Frida, Kelly, Kitty N & Shorty from Bust a Move 1 & 2, -Mayuka Masaki, Nagi, Sakuya, Achika, Aeka, Kiyone Makibi, Mihoshi, Masaki Ryoko, Masaki Sasami Jurai, Washu & Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muyo bringing us to a total of 56 species...
09/08/00 Added Tifa and Aeris from Final Fantasy VII as well as Chyna from WWF, Cammy & Chun-Li from Street Fighter and Lilith, Morrigan & Felicia from Dark Stalkers
09/07/00 site opened!