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okay this is where I'll be blowing off steam LOL
Last Updated May 2003

How Dare They!

How dare they! How dare Tripod go about deleting our sites with NO warning and NO explanation! Its bad enough I had to have 2 sites to host Pocket Bishoujo, but should ALWAYS both give warning and reason for this kind of outrage... I've come across SOOO many sites that have been deleted it's NOT even funny! and every time the page pretty much accuses us of violating their TOS! This is ridiculas, I am hereby BOYCOTTING TRIPOD if you support why I'm doing this please don't signup for Tripod's services OR recommend them to anyone.


Like I said it's my blowing off steam place.
The following was an email I received and my response, names were changed.

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  ME   Person who made me mad   If you are gonna email about this kinda thing THIS is how I prefer to get them it doesn't make me mad cause you prove yourself
I'm sorely sorry if I am making any troubles to you. However, I believe I am not very happy about one thing in your page.
Uh huh......
I've noticed in my recent visit at Pocket-Bishoujo that you have replaced the previous (name of Bishoujo) pictures w/ Japanese fanarts given by (name of fixer)
The World is full of Japanese Fanart I've seen these images on dozens of sites myself in the midst of plain old regular collections.
Unfortunately, I would like you to remove them
and I'd like to heal my son of all his medical disabilities
and replace them with the previous -official- art
which is of terrible quality.
since putting up Japanese fanart pictures without permission is considered a great offense in Japanese internet world.
And they are gonna be looking through the millions of sites in this world? As I've said before I've seen these pics all over the place so if you wanna harp on me you best be harping on everyone else too and see how many friends you get. There is no real markings on the pics sent me for these replacements that indicate they are fanart they look to me like everyday pics to me.
I understand that (name of fixer) tried to give (name of bishoujo) a better and cuter look. I understand it entirely well, but I will not agree to see an artist's art be put up w/o proper credit to the pictures.
I can see that but I will NOT put poorer image on my site to replace good quality images. If you wish to see different images put up you best go find some good quality images before you come telling me what to do.
Please accept my request and understand my plea.

-(Name of Emailer)

And please understand mine Iím sick and tired of the poor images people keep sending me even when I put examples on my site of what I will and wonít accept. If someone sends me a fixup that is of better quality than the one on the site and is not an obvious fanart meaning I cannot tell the difference I WILL put it up, if someone has a qwarm about it and wants different pics they MUST provide images of equal or better quality.

Lady Silver Senshi, Webmistress of Pocket Bishoujo

The Change was NOT due to this email above it was due to the one below

Second Email of Which I preferred receiving cause it was MUCH more polite

Hihi! I came over to your site after I went to see Tokio-dono's...what fun! I've caught so many! I've gotta be a bisho-master now! ^__^ I was looking through your site, and I was soooo happy to see (classification) stuff! It's like, there's NONE anywhere. I wanna submit some cute girls, plenty in (classification), that's for sure! ^_^

Anyway, the problem is that, I dunno if you know it, but those two (bishoujo Name) pictures are stolen fanarts. I wouldn't have been able to tell either if I hadn't seen the site they were on. ^^;;;

Here's the site they're from:  (site addy)
Here's the two images: (image addies)
The artist's email: (artist's email)

I'm sure it'd be okay if the images were used if you sent an email asking permission. Most of the time they can read english, but if they can't, they can usually figure it out. At least effort was made to get permission. ^^; I wouldn't have cared if I hadn't seen a bunch of other incredibly talented artists close their sites (on both shores) when they found their fanart/fanfiction was taken. One such incident would be over at www.shinigami.org, when Kumiko-dono shut down her site after trying to convince an ML her fanfiction had been stolen. I'd just hate to see her shut down her site too...I mean...it hurts to find your hard work stolen, yanno? Like if someone came and took HTML from yours or my or anyone's site, then called it their own. Just a pain, yanno? Anyway, if you dun wanna ask permission to use the fanart, I can give good replacements. I have an artbook at home that has good (name of bishoujo) pictures in it, and I'd be glad to give some scans. Only stipulation is that the other images have to be taken down first.

If ya wanna see what one of the many images looks like, it's on the main page of this RPG: (site URL)

Anyway, let me know how things go. ^__^

(Name of Sender)

Now I get to Rave :)


you most likely don't know who I am, and I admit I don't know as much as I would like to know about you. but I wandered to your page via a friend of mine.

your graphics lay out of your site caught my eye and stopped my surfing real fast. from here and there of info on your self I realized something. even though you are a young mother of 2 (if my guess is correct from your art pics of your self) that hasn't changed your wonderful good looks a bit. but when I read your live journal.... I had no idea you go though so much. from just your share of domestic problems to an invasion of banana bread. and still you are raising your two children (whom I would like to think that they are as good looking and as bright as their mother.), running your sites, and everything else (can I presume you are also juggling a paying job into this mess too?).

you are indeed a rare woman of great strength of will and character. you have endured so much and you still strive on. I have seen lesser people break down from your burdens.

right now, you have gained not that many people get from me, my true respect. May you and your children be strong and successful in what ever you set out to do.

your newly made fan who wishes to be your friend,
<name of sender>

Thankyou for these words of encouragement. They mean a lot to me. I do try to keep my senses about me even if it isn't easy...