(1994) [presented by Streamline Pictures and Orion home video]

Thirty years after the global nuclear war, the likes of a group of teenage ruffians ride into the streets on their bikes. When one of them crashes into a child, the world is ready to come tumbling down. Tetsuo Ishida is taken by the government, and experimented upon endlessly. With his new psychic powers, will he control them, or lose his mind in his search for Akira.

This was my first brush with anime. I saw it flipping through the satellite channels way back in '94. I stopped on Sci-Fi, saw a disclaimer for viewer content and fell in love.  They used to show anime, in primetime, unedited back then.  After, I saw from the Olympic stadium scene to the end "What is this movie, and where can I get it?" I said to myself.  Three years later, I found it on VHS and bought it.  I saw it all the way through, several times that week.  The movie was dubbed poorly, and edited.  It was mine though, and it was glorious.  If you haven't seen this movie, get it! I am sure if you know anyone who has anime this is in their collection.  If you love it, try to get the new special edition just released last year. They cleaned it up, re-dubbed it, and retranslated it.  In addition, with all the hidden features, it is one not to miss.

Reviewer: Shoe
Date Reviewed: Jan 17/02
Personal Comments: Too many lingual downfalls. Stuff missing. Thank god for the remake.