Fatal Fury: Double Impact

Two Fatal Fury movies put onto one DVD.  Starring; Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, and a few of the other game series favorites.  The first movie is about Terry learning the final attack from Master Tung Fue Rue.  The second is about Terry actually losing a street fight, and the depression that follows.

I watched these movies, and I will review them in order.  The first one I found action packed, people jump at you.  "My name is so and so, lets fight."  There were some intelligent moments. Like why Geese Howard killed Terry's father.  Moreover, any scene with Joe was good for a chuckle.  There was even a cameo by Bear and Gen. This had a close relationship with the game series. What I could not swallow was Andy's hair… PINK? No, it should have been silver.  The second movie shows Terry actually moving on past fighting. Now he is a fisherman. Kim Kapwan challenges him, and Terry wins. Kim, being a nice guy, accepts defeat and leaves to train. Then in an alley, he gets his butt kicked by Wolfgang Krauser.  Terry becomes a drunk for most of the movie.  We get to put up with this annoying child sidekick, who follows Terry for most of the movie.  Thankfully, the pair doesn't pop up too often. We meet a few side characters and then from nowhere comes Mai.  Thank god for small favors.  Mai dresses as scantily as ever. When she first appears, you will love the slow motion button on your DVD player.  Moments with Mai are the funniest in the movie, especially the first moment. The dubbing worked well with the subbing, and the mouth movements. Animation was cut above normal, and the Mai animation was two notches above that.  The first story flowed well. Although the second had some bumps and bruises.

Reviewer: Shoe
Date Reviewed: Jan 17/02
Personal Comments: About as split as split can get.