Roujin Z

Roujin Z orbits around a student volunteer nurse, an old man, and the Ministry of Health Care. The world is low on nurses, and someone needs to help fill in the cracks.  The head of the MHC has created a bed.  This bed will exercise, feed, entertain, and protect the patient from environmental hazards. The bed is created to help with the burden of the elderly. The bed has a bio-computer, and that is when things start to get hectic.

Katsuhiro Otomo is renowned for his creation of the movie Akira. This is an earlier movie of his. It also deals with technology, but with a lighter heart. It rather made me wonder about the devotion between nurse and patient. The dubbing is poor but the subtitling is superb. There are many humorous moments. There are parts where you think, "How can it do that?" You will chuckle at the cat. It is a good clean ride, and you will wish that they just let him go to the beach.

Reviewer: Shoe
Date Reviewed: Jan 17/02
Personal Comments: A joyful romp.