Ah! My Goddess

Keiichi, an ordinary college freshman, while trying to order a pizza, accidentally dials the wrong number and is connected to the "Goddess Hotline". After a brief conversation he is informed that they are dispatching a representative goddess right away. Faster than you can say "how much do I tip?", the beautiful and elaborately dressed goddess Belldandy pops out of the mirror and informs him that she is there to grant him a wish. After some thought, Keiichi decides that what he would want most is a girlfriend just like her. They say be careful what you wish for or you just might get it.......

Ah! My Goddess is not what I expected it to be when I first took the videos off the shelf. To be more honest it's a whole heck of a lot funnier! Poor Keiichi he doesn't expect what he gets and to make matters worse his whole life gets turned upside down when Belldandy's two sisters, Skuld (the bug fixer of the trio) and Urd (the matchmaker), and of course his own sister all move in with him and Belldandy! Well if you want a series that is good for kicks and laughs, Ah! My Goddess is for you!

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed: Jan 09/02
Personal Comments: Awesome Anime