AH! My Goddess - Movie

Trouble in Paradise! Belldandy's mentor, Celestin, was imprisoned for attempting to overthrow the Goddess system, but now he's back! Using a system virus, Celestin, corrupts the Goddess system and removes all of Belldandy's memories of Keiichi! Will Belldandy's love for Keiichi prove to be the key to ruining Celestin's plans, or will it be the final ingredient necessary to destroy our reality?!

I wasn't sure what to expect but being that I had already seen the series I expected I'd like this movie :) I wasn't let down. The movie has a lot of twists and turns many of which I did NOT expect but thoroughly enjoyed. You get to meet several charas not shown in the series which is always fun, plus it shows an undefined "weak" side to Belldandy that you don't see in the confident Belldandy you see in the series. I recommend the movie to anyone who could desire to see it :)

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed: Jan 16/02
Personal Comments: Good movie.. if you watch the subtitled version make sure you have a tv that will clearly display the subtitles :)