El Hazard

At a small High School in Shinonome, Japan, some ancient ruins have just been discovered under the school. Makoto hears a voice calling to him. The voice directs him to the ruins under the school. He walks in the ruins and sees some light beams coming from the ceiling. The voice, which we cannot hear, tells him to move toward the capsule at the front of the room. When he comes to the center of the room, he steps under a seal depicting an eye. This causes the light beams to engulf him, and the capsule rises up and unlocks itself. A woman wakes up and emerges with tears in her eyes. She weakly walks over to Makoto calling out his name as if she knows who he is. She embraces Makoto and he asks who she is. She is confused on why he does not remember. Then she explains how she has waited ten thousand years for this very moment, and how she has only thought of him during this time.

MANY twists and turns makes El Hazard a fun Anime to watch. Makoto looking like one of the 2 princesses only makes it more humorous. I would recommend this silly series to anyone :)

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed:
Jan 16/02
Personal Comments: I'd have to say that My fave chara out of all the bishoujo in this series is Shayla-Shayla (it helps that her name is close to my daughters' ^_~) I don't know I just really think her attitude is funny :)