Pretty Sammy

She is a girl with magical powers who fights for justice. The magic spell to activate the transformation is "Jugeimu jugeimu gokouno surike Sammy Davis buroira chikin!" Thanks to the powers bestowed upon her by the Magic Queen, Sasami transforms to become Pretty Sammy, whose mission is to preserve peace on earth, and thereby the universe......

Hmmmm a talking Ryo-Ohki I don't know it is certainly different... especially with the voice being a boy whereas in the Tenchi Muyo series Ryo-Ohki is portrayed as a girl. This series isn't what I expected it to be but at least it's better than I expected it to be :). The first ep is "Mihoshi's Special" at the end of the second Tenchi Muyo OVA. *sigh* oh well a decent mini-series I give it a ok rating. Watch it if you wanna see a totally different life for most of the Tenchi Characters.

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed: Jan 18/02
Personal Comments: hmmmmmmmm.....