Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R - Movie

Usagi and the gang decide to visit a greenhouse and are accosted by this guy who claims to be Mamoru's friend from long ago. This man shows just how evil he is right off in the movie-- he pushes Usagi to the ground when she interferes. None of the scouts seemed to like that much. Anyway, eventually the scouts find out this guy's name is Fiore and he had promised Mamoru many flowers because Mamoru gave him one when Fiore was just a lonely, abandoned kid. The viewer also finds out that Fiore is possessed by a Kisenian flower which can destroy planets very easily.

Definitely not what I expected. I did enjoy the movie and the brains and faithfulness the scouts show in each other. I especially enjoyed seeing Usagi become Princess Serenity to defeat the evil. And it is definitely a positive reinforcement to see standing together as a team emphasized! I would recommend this movie.

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed: Jan 18/02
Personal Comments: :) Another good Sailormoon show.