Tenchi Muyo - OVA

After tricking his grandfather, Tenchi gets the keys to an old shrine. Family legend says that a hero defeated a horrific demon long ago, and the demon was imprisoned here. The hero's sword was placed next to the demon to guard it. Tenchi finds the old sword...and a mummy. Since Tenchi broke the seals, the mummy rises. Frantically, Tenchi tries to reseal the shrine and escapes. Later, Tenchi is back at school. He is startled by a girl who appears out of nowhere. This is Ryoko, space pirate, former mummy, and a VERY annoyed demon. She decides to kill Tenchi, 'cause she has to take it out on *someone*. Tenchi escapes from the destroyed school...to find that Ryoko has decided to move in with him. Things get REALLY interesting when Ayeka, Princess of the Jurai, comes to Earth looking for her brother...

This is my FAVORITE of the Tenchi series' it was also the first of the Tenchi series' I'd seen... I couldn't get enough of it what I saw it :) but hey what can I say I got addicted... The twists and turns in this series are to be expected especially when dealing with "aliens" but hey what can you expect?? I REALLY recommend this series to anyone interested in seeing it.

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed: Jan 16/02
Personal Comments: I'd have to say my favorite chara from this series would have to be Washu she's funny :)