Tenchi Forever - Movie

After a typical Ayeka vs. Ryoko match, Tenchi wanders into the woods and disappears without warning. After six months, he finally turns up in a small Japanese town, but he's aged by much more than six months and doesn't remember Ryoko or Ayeka. What's more, he seems to be with a new girl now, a girl that neither Ayeka nor Ryoko has ever seen. Released in 1999, this is the final Tenchi Muyo movie, and until the third OVA is released (whenever that'll be...), this marks the end of Tenchi. This movie isn't a direct sequel to Tenchi Muyo in Love as the name might suggest, but it is part of the Tenchi Universe series as well. Rather than working on the Tenchi Universe plot, though, it has a plot all its own and its main link with the series is actually more through Tenchi in Love than anything in Universe itself (though there are a few links directly to Universe).

This was definitely an interesting take on Tenchi. Ayeka's hairdo is different from the norm which is a nice change. Seeing her and Ryoko manage to hold down jobs is beyond amazing! all in all I enjoyed this movie as much as I enjoyed the previous two.

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed: March 08, 2002
Personal Comments: :) I likie