The first episode starts with a couple of local guys talking in a saloon. They are discussing the rumors about how Vash the Stampede showed up in Dankin town and destroyed everything, and how messing with Vash is a death wish. Little do they know, Vash is sitting at the bar right behind them drinking whiskey. The barkeep goes outside to take out the trash and panics. The two guys in the bar see this and draw their guns. Suddenly, the entire top half of the building gets blown off. The two men scatter and the remains of the building are riddled in bullets by a group of men outside. When they finally, the smoke clears, Vash is still sitting at the bar finishing his drink, he was shielded by a giant metal saloon sign. Vash stands up and draws his gun to fire.....

Trigun starts out and appears to be, by looking at the case, a fairly serious anime. I was shocked when I first watched it to see just how comical it really is. Vash really is a silly guy who just happens to be one of the best shots around! However his comical antics keep you "rolling in the aisles" with laughter. I was hooked right after I saw episode one.

Reviewer: LSS
Date Reviewed: Jan 09/02
Personal Comments: One of my favorite animes, Trigun would be recommended to anyone who likes comedy.