Elite 4 Competition
This competition is not available at all times.
Please check out the old results from the last time we ran this in 2003
This was during the site's last time online.
  Elite 4 Competition 2003  
  All Bishie League Members who achieved the status of Indigo Plateau member as of July 4th 2003 were eligible to participate in this tournament.  
  They were challenged with 50 questions by 50 different Bishoujo (1 per bishie). They were NOT be told their results, they did not know if they got the questions right or wrong. They were eligible to take the challenge THREE TIMES only. The 4 persons with the highest scores at the end of 2 weeks (September 14th 2003) were awarded the Title of Elite 4 Champion.  
  This tournament will take place once a year (resuming soon) for as long as Pocket Bishoujo remains open. Each year we will award 4 Elite 4 titles for the year. If you win this year you WILL be eligible to take part next year as well.  
  ****Results 2003****  
1st place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
~ Spanner ~
Final Score: 92%
Score: 88%, Score: 88%
~ Knight Mysterio ~
Final Score: 88%
~ Ice Hacker ~
Final Score: 80%
Score: 74%
~ Link ~
Final Score: 80%
All Trainers deserve to be recognized for trying so here are the rest of the scores
  Benit ~ Score: 78%  
  Jade ~ Final Score: 78% / Other Scores: 22%, Score: 76%  
  Paradised ~ Final Score: 78%  
  ߣKZ ~ Final Score: 40%  
  Rezo (Xellos) ~ Final Score: 36%  
  BlueDragon476 ~ Final Score: 24%  
  Next competition will be run when there are more new active indigo plateau masters  
    Elite 4    

PLEASE NOTE: Pocket Bishoujo is not responsible for lost Bishoujo and will not replace them unless they were first caughts. I'm sorry We just do not have the time to do this ~ LSS


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