Due to the inspiration of the orignal Pocket Bishonen site, (and the requests of trainers) I have decided to also host a fanfic area on this site.

I welcome you to submit any non-hentai fan fiction about any Bishoujo. Why not write a fanfic about capturing & training a Bishoujo? You can write about anything as long as it’s clean and Bishoujo related.

;To submit a fic, email it to me I will accept any word-processing files if I have a problem opening it you will hear back from me asking for it in a different format. If you have a specific description you'd like to appear with your fanfic, please include it. Sorry I won't include images just text.

  Tales of a Bishoujo Trainer - By Asher Cross
  The Adventures of Ksa and Lime (and some others) - By Ksawarrior
chapter 1
  Pocket Bishoujo Special - by Kourin Cho
Prologue *Ep.1 *Ep.2
  Bishomon! Gotta Catch 'Em All! - By Spanner
Chapter One - Two
  Everything is Love - by ~Sam Aoshi
The Story
  A New Beginning - By Sharem
Part 1
  THE SM/DBZ COOKING SHOW!!!! - by Rachael Farris
The Fic
  Gotta Catch 'Em All, Bishies - By Benit
The Fic
  Bishoumon! Bishie Monsters! Episode One: Elisa, I Choose You - By KnightMysterio
The Fic

PLEASE NOTE: Pocket Bishoujo is not responsible for lost Bishoujo and will not replace them unless they were first caughts. I'm sorry We just do not have the time to do this ~ LSS


credit for concept given to Tokio of Pocket Bishónen
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